Watch These Fishermen Rescue Kittens From A River In The Most Adorable Plot Twist Ever — VIDEO

Breaking cute overload: Two men fishing rescued swimming kittens on the Warrior River, and it was a beautiful moment for all of Alabama. Ten second hypothetical: Say you're camping in the woods, and are out on a canoe (for me, this is VERY hypothetical scenario), and you see two kittens swimming toward you. What do you do? I think it stands to reason that the only thing to do is rescue them, find the kittens homes or a shelter, if possible, and maybe make a viral video out of the whole experience.

Kitty number one seems to appear out of nowhere, but kitty number two seems to have jumped into the water with the intent of being saved by the fishermen. So, it's entirely possible that they were both hoping to be rescued, and jumped into the water because they saw friendly faces out on the river.

I've been fishing approximately once (maybe twice) in my life, and I must say, if I could be guaranteed an experience like this one, I'd probably go more often. Like, no judgement to the friends just getting dinner out of their fishing adventures, but I'd personally rather get a kitty. (Well, actually I'd rather get a puppy, but can't be too picky here.)

Here's The Kitty Swimming Toward The Boat


And Then It Gets Saved


And Then The World Breathes Easy And Happiness Is Restored To Us All


Watch The Full Video:

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And look out for kittens next time you go fishing. Or, if you're on the same wavelength as I am, consider taking up fishing.

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