11 Times You Were Aria While Applying To College

By Kaitlin Reilly

If there's one moment that's universally stressful for high school students, it's applying to college. There's something so final about it all. After years of (hopefully) hard work in high school, you're finally being asked to put yourself on the line and ask an institution to deem you worthy. Season 6 of Pretty Little Liars tackled that challenge, and unfortunately for Spencer, Hanna, Emily, and Aria, things didn't exactly go smoothly. PLL is a teen drama, after all, so the college application process for the girls was just a tad more dramatic than most would expect, especially for aspiring art student Aria. Girl was able to royally mess up her application process by inadvertently applying to a college with her boyfriend's ex-girlfriend on the admissions board — definitely not the person you want your application reviewed by.

Aria's application experience may have been TV-level dramatic, but if there's one character who knows the stress of the application process, it's her. She knows what to say in every situation you'll face during the fairly hellish application experience, so if you're ever searching for the words, you might want to turn to this Little Liar. After all, almost anyone could relate to her while applying for college.

Here are all the times Aria perfectly represented your time struggling over essays, SATs, and everything else that goes into an app.

1. When Your Mom Asks You If You Finished Your College Apps For The Hundredth Time

You're only half kidding about this one.

2. When Your Best Friend Says She Sent In Her Application Months Ago

You're still trying to perfect your essay, and it's not like your top schools have rolling admissions anyway.

3. When You Go To A College Interview And Are Asked If You're A College Football Fan

You're starting to think that rooting for the Bulldogs is a requirement of attending this college and you really don't want to hurt your chances.

4. When You Realize You Made A Spelling Error On Your Application

You are officially running all future everything through at least three peer editors.

5. When Your Teacher Is Late On Their Recommendation Letter And Your Top Choice School Sends You A Reminder E-Mail

This is your future, and it could all hinge on your favorite history teacher telling this school that you were a "joy" to have in class.

6. When Your Classmate Says That Your Top Choice Is Their "Safety School"

And suddenly you feel sorry for anyone who actually has to go to school with this kid.

7. When Your Guidance Counselor Tells You That You Should Apply To At Least Nine Schools

Umm, you're not even sure you can name nine schools you might want to go to.

8. When You See That A School You Applied For Is Calling Your Cell

This could be the best news ever, or the worse. You'll let it go to voicemail.

9. When You Listen To The Voicemail And Find Out The School Offered You A Spot In The Freshman Class

Months of anxiety officially over.

10. When You Think Back On What A Massive Stress Case You Were Since Application Season Started

You were definitely teetering on the edge of losing it.

11. When You Accept Your School's Offer

Sure, you're psyched for school, but you're more psyched that you never have to look at another application again. Unless you want to go to grad school, of course.

Everyone goes through application stress, so take a break: Pretty Little Liars is always available to stream on Netflix.

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