Kid Changes Autocorrect For "No" On Parents' Phones & Hilarious Shenanigans Ensue — PHOTOS

Just in case you thought you were the prank master, bow down: this kid added a shortcut to his parent's phone to prevent them from saying the word "No." And I'm tempted to be judgmental, but I don't have the heart to be, because I'm honestly too impressed. I don't know how to set ANY shortcuts on my phone, let alone one that will give me a free pass to do whatever the hell I want. Admittedly, I don't live with my parents, and haven't for quite some time, but who cares? If I could tamper with my boyfriend's phone until he agrees to do whatever I suggest, that would be a great use of time.

Regardless of this kid's backstory, I think it's safe to assume he's about to throw a rager that no high school party I've ever attended could come close to. (Though, to be fair, I went to an incredibly strict Catholic high school, so it didn't take a whole lot to top those parties.) But I think this party is going to be more on par with the one Cher attended in the valley at Travis' house. (Yes, that was a very important Clueless reference, and yes, I would trek to the valley if Cher Horowitz was real, alive and inviting me to a party.)

Here's The Masterpiece Text Conversation:


As you can see, mom's "No" was changed to "HELL YES" and dad's "No" was changed to "WHERE THE B*TCHES AT." Soooo, that happened on the Internet today. Eagerly awaiting what ballsy teenagers across America will cook up for us tomorrow.

While We Wait, Please Enjoy These Crucial Clueless Party Gifs That Perfectly Illustrate The pArTaY This Guy Is About To Throw:

~~**Rollin' With The Homies**~~~

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