Here Are Kylie's "Stimulated" Music Video Looks

Known for keeping their relationship relatively low-key, Kylie Jenner and Tyga in the "Stimulated" music video is all about PDA. The couple play themselves in the newly released video, which shows Tyga rapping about his lady love as she arrives in a stylish green sports car. The first shot of Jenner happens around the 39 second mark and that's when viewers get the first glimpse of the reality TV star in the first of her two outfits.

The bulk of the "Stimulated" music video — shot in a gorgeous mansion overlooking the ocean — cuts between shots of the pair kissing, hugging, and Jenner getting a piggy back ride from her main squeeze. The first thing I noticed about Jenner is how natural and at ease she is in her music video debut. Of course she's sharing screen time with Tyga, but aside from that, Jenner's fashion in the 3-and-a-half-minute long clip stays true to her personal style.

In her first outfit, Jenner wears a green bomber jacket (possibly from Zara), white top, ripped jeans, and a pair of killer pink Christian Louboutin heels. In her hand, she's holding an Hermes Birkin bag that might just be the same lavish gift that she received right before her 18th birthday. After removing her aviator sunnies, Jenner enters the mansion like a boss:

Her jewelry game is also on point here, from the sick gold watch, to her statement choker. Meanwhile, the sunglasses are back on as Jenner approaches Tyga and they embrace on a balcony.

Outfit number two appears around the 2:35 mark. Jenner appears to be wearing what looks like a blue jumpsuit with a textured (fur?) coat. Keep in mind that it's nice and sunny out during the video, but it's Jenner's world and we just live in it.

Here's a closer look at her fabulous coat.

And back to outfit number one right before the video ends.

Despite Tyga's controversial lyrics about Jenner, the video was surprisingly sweet and beautifully shot. And Kudos to Kylie, who's following her sister Kim's footsteps with her music video debut.

Watch the full video below.

Images: YouTube (4)