7 Miley Cyrus Songs Perfect For Karaoke Night (Other Than "Party In The U.S.A.")

If there's one pop star that I would want to do karaoke with, it's Miley Cyrus, because I firmly believe she is the kind of fun/crazy one would need when putting themselves on the line in front of a microphone. Cyrus may have killer pipes, but you know that if she ever went out with friends to a karaoke bar, she'd be there to have a blast. (For the record, I've never actually karaoked with Ms. Cyrus, but if she's ever willing for me to put my hypothesis to the test, she should totally give me a call. We'll hang.) But, since I can't actually hit the town with the "We Can't Stop" singer, I'm always down to do the next best thing: sing Cyrus' best hits.

If you're like me, you probably don't even need to glance at the karaoke screen in order to sing some of Cyrus' biggest hits: the lyrics are burned into your brain forever, and that's anything but a bad thing. Cyrus obviously has plenty of amazing songs at anyone's fingertip for karaoke, but what Cyrus song you want to sing will depend on what message you're trying to bring to the table with your song choice. After all, this is the girl who gave us both Hannah Montana and tape for shirts — she's definitely versatile.

Here are the Cyrus songs you should keep in mind next time you hit the karaoke bar — whip them out accordingly:

1. When You're Singing Away You're Troubles: "The Climb"

Disney Sverige on YouTube

Yeah, so this Cyrus tune isn't exactly going to get people dancing with a cocktail in hand, but if you've just been denied a promotion or had four terrible Tinder dates in a row, you might want to sing this inspirational ballad to make yourself feel a little bit better. Hey, it's cheaper than therapy.

2. When You're Working Through Feelings About Your Ex: "7 Things"

HollywoodRecordsVEVO on YouTube

Will it make everyone in the bar uncomfortable? Nah, because they'll be too stoked you chose this killer throwback!

3. When You Want To Have Fun In A New City: "Party In The USA"

HollywoodRecordsVEVO on YouTube

This could be your apology for slowing the vibe down with "The Climb."

4. When You Want The Spotlight On You: "We Can't Stop"

MileyCyrusVEVO on YouTube

Singing this song officially means that you're the life of this party, or karaoke bar. Shots for everyone! (They don't know that you're not paying for them yet.)

5. When You Want To Show Off Your Vocal Range: "Wrecking Ball"

MileyCyrusVEVO on YouTube

This isn't a song you bring to the karaoke room lightly — you better be willing to show off your fierce vocals with this tune.

6. When You're Newly Single And Want To Shout It From The Rooftop: "SMS (Bangerz)"

Bonus points if your BFF wants to do the Britney Spears part!

7. When You're Not-So-Subtly Trying To Tell That Hottie Over There You're Into Them: "See You Again"

meethannahmontana on YouTube

You may not be brave enough to go over there and actually talk to them, but the eye contact and song choice should do the trick... right?

Now go grab the mic and do your best Miley impression — twerking 100 percent optional.