Who Gets Engaged On 'Bachelor In Paradise'? The Season Finale Involves A Happy Ending For One Couple

It's hard to believe that Season 2 of Bachelor in Paradise is already over, but next Monday night? It's officially over for the year. But don't worry — from everything ABC showed us from the two-night season finale, it's totally going to be worth it. We've been promised tears, we've been promised drama, and best of all, we've been promised that someone's going to propose! Now, the big question is this: Who gets engaged on the Bachelor in Paradise finale? You might want to close this tab if you don't want the final episode to get ruined for you, because there are some serious spoilers ahead.

Obviously, at this point in the game, the only stable couples left are Carly and Kirk and Jade and Tanner. Unless something super crazy is happening with two of the other cast members, even without spoilers you can probably guess that it's going to be one of them. Practically from day one, these guys all paired off and it's been smooth sailing ever since... but apparently, that's all going to change on the finale. One of them is going to break up and the other is going to get engaged, according to the gigantic diamond ring that someone flashed at the camera in the promo.

But seriously, this is where the spoilers begin. There's no turning back now!

And thanks to Reality Steve, we have a definitive answer about who. Yep, as you may have guessed, Jade and Tanner are getting engaged on the Bachelor in Paradise finale. Are they still together to this day? If I had to answer that question based on social media, I'd have to say yes. They've shared nothing but positive things about each other all season long — something you wouldn't do if you'd ended an engagement with someone — and last week, Jade accidentally revealed she was in Kansas City on Periscope... aka Tanner's hometown.

Call me crazy, but I'm rooting for these two. I actually think they're kinda cute together! Or maybe I'm just desperate for a Bachelor relationship to actual work out? We'll see!

Image: Rick Rowell/ABC