Megz & Jim Are Eliminated On 'So You Think You Can Dance,' & It's Absolutely The Right Call By America

Despite their incredible talent and wonderful growth on the series, Megz and Jim were eliminated on So You Think You Can Dance Season 12 Monday night, right before the finale. And it was absolutely the right call to send these two home. As much as I love both of these dancers, their time on the show had ended, and it's not just because Hailee, Jaja, Gaby and Virgil are my four favorite dancers of the season. It's because Jim and Megz had given everything they had to offer on the show, and now it's time for them to join the real world of dance.

From the very start of Jim's time on Season 12 of SYTYCD, Nigel stated that he was one of the best dancers the series has ever had. And despite usually disagreeing with Nigel's comments, I was on board with this 100 percent. Jim had the amazing technique of someone like Alex Wong and he had a sweet personality as well. Surprisingly enough, he was also able to pick up other styles of dance that I never pictured him doing (then again, Alex Wong also performed one of the greatest Hip Hop numbers on the show so anything can happen on SYTYCD). But in my opinion, Jim's problem was always his heart. He could at times lack emotion and depth in character. I'm not sure if he just couldn't get into the spirit of some of the characters or if he just needed more time to grow in that way, but his performances were always a little off because he couldn't access the feelings of the routines.

Jim also had a bit of trouble loosening up in his routines that weren't necessarily as heavy on the technique, as evidenced by his ballroom performance on Monday night with All-Star Anya. Paired with someone like Anya who could have chemistry with a sponge, Jim looked too stiff which threw the pair's chemistry off as well. Paula Abdul, who is seriously the MVP of judges this season, correctly pointed out that Jim needed to loosen up and really get into the groove of the music. He needed to appreciate and accept the fluidity of the movement but he was unable once again to do so as compared to his other stage dancer competitors, Gaby and Hailee. As difficult as it was to see him go home, viewers picked the right stage dancer to leave.

Megz's elimination stung a little more than Jim's to be honest. Throughout Season 12, I don't know if I've seen anyone really and truly grow as much as Megz in the competition. Even though I adore Jaja and Virgil and would watch Gaby dance anything, Megz blossomed on SYTYCD into a truly well-rounded dancer who showed that passion for dance in every single routine. Her number with Hailee on Monday night and especially her solo showed her growth so much as Nigel pointed out, and she is always just a beacon of light and happiness every week. But it was her time to leave and I think even she knew this to be true.

It's going to be sad not seeing these fine dancers competing next week, but man, the finale is going to be amazing.

Images: Screenshot/FOX