Z100 Jingle Ball Fashion, From Creepy Uncle Robin Thicke to Miley in a Tuxedo

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Many things happened this Friday the 13th, of which the least-culturally-important-but-most-fun-to-judge was Z100's Jingle Ball concert. Unfamiliar with the Jingle Ball oeuvre? It's basically an excuse to entertain a bunch of tweens with class acts like Austin Mahone and Fifth Harmony. And Selena Gomez. And Miley Cyrus. Cue screaming fans and zero alcohol sales.

Unfortunately for any future trendsetters of America who may have been in attendance, the fashion was far less star-studded than the guest list. There were a few cute looks (eye roll), but nothing terribly worthy of immortalization. Thankfully, there were also lots of poorly styled and generally unfortunate looks to click through, snicker at, and then curl up and loathe ourselves for being such a judgmental Internet hive mind.

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