These New 'Scream Queens' Photos Offer Clues

by Kadeen Griffiths

Whether you love Ryan Murphy shows or hate Ryan Murphy shows, you're probably still brimming with excitement over the upcoming premiere of FOX's Scream Queens. Not only does it represent a return to on-screen acting for Ariana Grande, but it also stars a giant collection of former Nickelodeon and Disney stars, up to and including the likes of Keke Palmer and Nick Jonas. On top of that, the OG Scream Queen herself, Jamie Lee Curtis, is in the cast. Seriously, don't lie to me. I know you're excited. And FOX has released even more promo photos from Scream Queens, specifically from the first two episodes that will make up the two-hour series premiere, and it's about time we start analyzing some of those images for clues about what we can expect from those episodes.

Sadly, none of the images give us a closer look at the Red Devil Killer that will be causing so much havoc on campus over the course of the season, but we do get a lot of shots of the main cast in various states of fashion-savvy and intense fear. That's almost as good, right? From Lea Michele doing her best to make Hester my new reaction gif for every situation to Emma Roberts radiating preppy evil from every pore, these stills are just the appetizers to a main course that's going to be unlike any show we've seen before.

1. The Three Chanels

Specifically, this is Chanel #5, Chanel #3, and Chanel #2, from left to right. You know, because everyone has to be named Chanel. This kind of hive mind makes me worry that the sorority the pledges are fighting so hard to join is really more like a cult. You know, all Stepford Wives meets Greek Life? Are they even really human, or were they created in a pastel lab?

2. Boone's Nighttime Friend

Nick Jonas plays Boone, who in addition to being a good-looking, All-American type, also apparently sleeps with a stuffed animal. Which means that Boone is now my favorite character and also simultaneously a representation of me. Then again, I sleep with two stuffed animals, so I've got Boone beat from the start.

3. The New Recruits

Grace, Hester, and Zayday look, well, nothing like the Chanels. From their clothes to the less-than-self-assured looks on their faces, it's clear that these ladies are going to take a lot of work if they want to join the hive. Did all the Chanels look like them once, or have they always been that perfect? And if they did used to look like Grace, Hester, or Zayday... what happened to them?

4. The Regina George

Chanel Oberlin, the top dog at this sorority, certainly looks and dresses the part. All the Chanels are named after her, which gives her an edge over Regina George from Mean Girls. I mean, Regina didn't rename all the Plastics Regina. Is this a way to assert Oberlin's dominance at the cost of her henchwomen's individuality, or did she just not want to bother remembering anyone's name but her own?

5. All-American Boy

See what I mean about Boone being an All-American boy? He's a member of the Dollar Scholars and has biceps that I can't drag my eyes away from, so, if he dies in the first episode, I may actually weep.

6. This Looks Like A Bad Idea

Grace and Pete are wandering around in the dark with a flashlight. You know who wanders around in the dark with a flashlight? Soon-to-be-dead people. Go back to your rooms and stop investigating!

7. The Dean Has Spoken

Dean Cathy Munsch is so over this news crew right now. Seriously, she couldn't be more done if she turned around and smacked one of them with that hand. It's clear they're not getting any comment out of her, which just makes you wonder how bad things get on campus that she needs to remain so tightlipped.

8. We've All Had Those Nights

Hester, who is also nicknamed "Neckbrace" by the group because... reasons, has got a very expressive face hidden behind the eponymous neckbrace. Seriously, I can already think of several situations in which I might want to make this face, so no doubt she is going to be my main reaction gif throughout the series.

9. That Fashion Though

Chanel #3, Chanel Oberlin, and Chanel #5 are dressed to the nines, and I am so jealous of their outfits. Although, none of them dress better than Chanel Oberlin because...

10. Chanel's Closet Though

Are you kidding me?

11. An Early Clue?

This is quite frankly the most terrifying picture of Jamie Lee Curtis I have ever seen. Should we take this as an early indication that she might have more of a tie to the Red Devil Killer? Should we take this as an early indication that she is the Red Devil Killer? Well, we'll just have to tune in to the upcoming series premiere of Scream Queens to find out.

Image: Steve Dietl/FOX (11)