Watch This Toddler And Gorilla Play Hide And Go Seek & Basically Reenact 'Tarzan' — VIDEO

If you want to see the cutest thing ever, watch this toddler playing hide and go seek with a gorilla. The unlikely friends played together at the Columbus Zoo, and it was all very Born Free, or like that movie where Charlize Theron is best friends with a gorilla (that's a movie right?), or even like Ed. Human boy two-year-old Isaiah and his primate bud gleefully run around a pole in the gorilla enclosure's glass wall, in a very childlike, "well, if he can't see me then I can't see him" way. It's unclear what immediately bonded this human/ape pair, or if the two involved are the kind of kids that will just give up a game of hide and go seek for anyone, but whatever, it's still adorable.

Despite being a baby, Isaiah still cottoned onto the game very quickly, as did the unnamed gorilla, who, despite his gorilla-ness, also understood the rules: try not to be seen. With limited resources and a pane of glass between them, the two where thus able to proceed in a glorious, BFF fashion, with Isaiah shrieking with glee the whole time. It's the kind of crap that really will make your heart melt, and will make you be glad we no longer live in a time where a child would play hide and go seek with a gorilla at the zoo and the world would never know about it because cell phones with cameras and YouTube didn't exist.


Watch the whole adorable game play out below:

Sherry Chute on YouTube

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