Hillary Clinton's Feelings About Snow Days Are Dramatically Different From Yours

There are plenty of relatable moments from Hillary Clinton's released emails, the latest batch of which went live on the State Department's website Monday morning. She doesn't really understand fax machines. She loves tea and The Good Wife. Unfortunately, on one chilly day on Feb. 8, 2010, Hillary could absolutely not speak for the rest of America: days after that year's "Snowmageddon," which halted rail service in D.C. and dumped a staggering 35-plus inches of snow in some areas of the Northeast, Clinton wrote an unhappy email about the snow to her chief of staff, Cheryl Mills: "I can't believe the govt is closed again. I guess I will work from home again but think this is silly."

The subject line is "Tomorrow." The next day, Politico reports, another 10 inches of snow struck Washington, probably leaving Clinton fuming on her couch while the rest of Washington celebrated having yet another day off work or school.

It's universal knowledge that snow days are the single greatest part of winter. I mean, far be it from me to call Clinton unpatriotic, but it's practically un-American to hate a snow day. (I kid, I kid. Mostly.) Still, it speaks to the fact that, as we knew, Clinton is a powerhouse: whether she's enduring a muggy summer's day or a winter blizzard, Clinton just wants to get on with life already.

During the 2010 Snowmageddon, I imagine Bill spent his time frolicking in the snow and Chelsea caught up on Gossip Girl while Clinton sat stoically on the sofa, tapping away at her BlackBerry and making endless cups of tea.

I can't even imagine how Clinton described the infamous government shutdown of 2013. "Silly" doesn't even begin to cover her feelings towards Rand Paul and co, who are even less useful to her than that famous fax machine.

Note to Washington: If Clinton does become president, there will be very little tolerance for blizzards.

Image: State Department