21 Things With Donald Trump's Hair To Prove You Can Trump-ify Anything (With The Right Wig)

Donald Trump is one of the few people in this world who can instantly be recognized purely based on their hair. In fact, his hair's reputation sometimes precedes his own. People have been trying for years to figure out how he achieves such an extreme comb-over every morning, because it's pretty difficult to replicate (and everyone wants Trump's hairstyle, obviously). Rather than spending hours combing your hair in unnatural directions, a much simpler solution is to put on a Trump wig. These magical hairpieces instantly transform anyone into a Trump lookalike, so I decided to put Trump's hair on 21 different things to see how they looked.

Trump's coif is so light these days that it's almost translucent, but back in the '80s, it was a much darker brown. Many of the Trump wigs out there are an ode to his younger days, so they turn objects into a newly-famous billionaire instead of a decades-long celeb who's running for president. Regardless of the color, the hairdo is so distinct that it can make anything (and I mean anything) look like Trump.

Don't believe me? Take a look at what went with this Trump wig.

Yoga Mat

Yoga Mat Trump is super zen and repeats an internal mantra any time it feels like yelling.


Succulent Trump wants to get back to nature.

Decorative Box

What's this lookalike Trump hiding under its lid?

French Press

French Press Trump will make America great again ... with lots and lots of coffee.

Jar Of Rice

Jar of Rice Trump is a little empty. I think it needs more brain.

Bottle Of Gin

The best Trump objects can not only make you laugh, but also get you drunk.

Cat Scratching Post

Scratching Post Trump would probably scare all the cats away.

Dinosaur Art

With the Trump wig on, this dinosaur instantly looked very presidential.


Radiator Trump gets really fired up sometimes.

Toilet Paper

Toilet Paper Trump has a soft side.

Stair Post

Need a hand going up the stairs? This Trump Stair Post has your back.

Fire Hydrant

Instead of firing people, this Trump just puts out fires.

Safety Cone

As the Trump Safety Cone always says: Safety first.


Rock Trump is pretty hardheaded.


Ladder Trump is the most powerful of all the construction equipment.

Bottle Of Bleach

This Trump will clean up America, one stain at a time.


Umbrella Trump will shield you from any storm, though it's hard to say what will happen to the iconic hairstyle when it gets wet.


The Trump wig can even transform any accessory into a presidential candidate and real estate mogul.

Hillary Clinton's Memoir

The wig can even Trump-ify a competitor's book.

Picture Frame

Rather than framing a picture of Trump, you can turn your picture into Trump.

Pig Bookend

I think this glittery pig bookend pulls off Trump's hair better than he does.

Images: Lauren Holter (21)