Chris Evans & Other First-Time Directors

Captain America is stepping behind the camera in the new film Before We Go. In the movie, which gets a limited release on Friday, Sept. 4, Chris Evans acts a director for the first time. The actor/superhero/any sane person's number one celebrity crush pulls double duty on the romantic comedy, starring opposite Star Trek star Alice Eve. In the film, Evans plays Nick, a trumpet player who meets Brooke (Eve) at Grand Central Station after she misses her late night train and gets stranded in New York City. Seeing Evans charm a beautiful woman on-screen isn't anything new (check out the comedy What's Your Number? if you don't believe me), but for Evans, there's a lot more than just charm riding on this rom-com.

The actor has already shown Hollywood that he can carry a movie through works like Captain America and Snowpiercer, but he has yet to prove himself as a bankable director — but now he has the chance. The new role affords Evans more creative freedom, but also more of the responsibility. "This time, if you don't like the movie, that's my fault," he said in an interview with Indiewire, speaking about his new job.

Evans, who shot the film in 19 days on location in New York City, said he was drawn to directing because he wanted to be more involved in crafting the final product. "I like the feeling of making things. It's very very rewarding. And filmmaking is that type of experience, where you're forced to collaborate with so many people. You're involved in the beginning to end, you're involved with so many elements, and when it's done, you're like I made this movie," he told Indiewire.

Getting himself in the director's chair came with a lot of sacrifices and compromises, including starring in the film, something Evans didn't originally plan on doing. "I didn't want to, but I'll be honest, I don't think I would have been able to make the movie had I not, you know?" he told the Wall Street Journal.

But, don't worry, that doesn't mean Evans is going to disappear from acting forever. Besides his extensive Marvel contract guaranteed to keep him on the big screen through 2019, Evans added that it's likely he'll keep appearing in films he directs. "Just to get the opportunity to direct, I'll act. I'm fine. I'll do it. That might still be the case for the next few years, but I'm okay with that," he told WSJ.

Evans certainly isn't the first Hollywood star to cast himself in a directorial debut. Plenty of big names have placed themselves both behind and in front of the camera in an effort to make the transition from actor to director. Here are a few other well-known faces who placed themselves in their directorial debuts.

George Clooney, Confessions Of A Dangerous Mind

For George Clooney's directorial debut, 2002's Confessions of a Dangerous Mind, the ER star gave himself a supporting role, a trend he has continued over the years. Clooney has starred in every single one of his directorial efforts, including Good Night, and Good Luck, for which he was nominated for an Oscar for Best Director.

Seth Rogen, This Is The End

Seth Rogen directed himself, as well as a handful of buddies including James Franco and Jonah Hill, in his directorial debut, This Is The End (2013). Rogen's journey to the director's chair was likely a bit more secure than Evans', however, given his previous duties as writer and/or producer of a string of hits since his breakout in 2007's Knocked Up.

James Franco, The Ape

James Franco directed and starred in The Ape (2005), making his directorial debut with this strange, little-seen film about a writer who strikes up a friendship with a weird, crazy ape... I'll just let the trailer speak for itself.

Elizabeth Banks, Pitch Perfect 2

Elizabeth Banks made history with her directorial debut, Pitch Perfect 2, which dominated the early summer box office and was the second film directed by a woman to debut at number one in 2015. Banks, who produced the first Pitch Perfect film, reprised her role as a cappella commentator Gail in Pitch Perfect 2 , directing herself all the way to box office stardom.

Hopefully, Evans will follow in the footsteps of many of the actors-turned-directors above.

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