9 Deep Berry Lip Shades Perfect For Fall

Swiping on a bold lip color is one of the easiest ways to transform from sleepy gal on the subway to pulled-together working woman by the time you hit your stop. Dark, deep berry lip shades are trending this season and will totally help revamp your look instantly this fall. I've compiled a list of nine different berry shades that will help you achieve that mission. All you have to do is find your skin tone match and pick what works best for you. Or, you know, totally ignore my advice and just rock whatever color you love best!

Last week, I had the privilege of playing around with Sephora + Pantone's Color IQ system to find my perfect lip matches. I would definitely recommend the service to anyone that lives near a Sephora to try it out as soon as possible. It's free, fast, fun, and surprisingly accurate at finding lipstick shades bound to make you feel like blowing kissy faces everywhere.

Color IQ works under the premises of skin tones, which generally include olive, fair, and darker. Even if you don't live near a Sephora, you can determine your skin tone with a quick test to know what category you fall under. I've personally tried all of the brands mentioned below and picked them for their smooth application, lasting wearability, and taste. While I don't intentionally sit around nomming on lipstick, I want to know what little lipstick does inevitably end up in my sip of cappuccino isn't gonna suck!

For Olive Tones

1. Melted Berry

I am obsessed with the long-lasting, smooth shade from Too Faced. It's literally on my lips right now. (Melted Berry, $21, Too Faced)

2. Venom

The metallic undertones in this buttery just-bitten shade from Urban Decay add a fun shimmer tone. (Venom, $22, Urban Decay)

3. Sorme Mauve

This is infused with a super nourishing combo of Vitamin E and cocoa butter! (Mauve Performance Perfection, $16, Sorme)

For Fair Tones

1. Rose In Love

This shade is a great introduction to the world of berry shades. It's just dark enough when applied to hint at the transition from summer to fall. (Rose In Love, $29, LANCOME)

2. Wild Thing

A delicious deep plum berry for those daring enough to rock it! (Wild Thing, $10, IMAN)

3. Dark Violet

This rosy violet shade is like swiping flowers right on your lips. (Lacquer Rouge, $25, Shiseido)

For Darker Tones

1. Rouge D'Armani

The red undertones here add a rich, vampy vibe. (Rouge D'Armani, $36, Giorgio Armani)

2. Rich Wine

This metallic merlot smacks of delicious with shea butter and coconut oil! (Buxom Rich Wine, $21, Sephora)

3. Cherry

Dark cherry lips complement practically everything, and I love how this one is full of so much Vitamin E. (Cherry, $7.49, Sleek Makeup)

Image Credit: Author's Own; LANCOME Too Faced; ; Sorme IMAN Urban Decay Shiseido Giorgio Armani Sephora Sleek Makeup