Xenia Deli Has Major Career Goals Post-Justin Bieber Video & It's Obvious She Knows How To Dream Big

Her name is on the tip of everyone's tongue right now — and it's not hard to see why. Xenia Deli co-stars in Justin Bieber's music video for "What Do You Mean," the comeback single that is making fans fall in love with the pop star all over again. But Deli has dreams beyond being in one hit music video, and even beyond the modeling industry as a whole. The 25-year-old is interested in acting, which is what attracted her to starring in Bieber's vid in the first place. "I would like to play probably drama, some love story, but with a good ending, though, and with a lot of passion, with a lot of sensuality," she says during a phone interview.

"What Do You Mean" definitely involved acting on her part, and it was almost like a little movie, but in the future, she wants to be in a big film. She is preparing for acting classes and auditions as we speak, so it sounds like she is well on her way to making that happen. But she definitely did not have these opportunities handed to her on a silver platter.

Deli is originally from Moldova, a small eastern European country with difficult living conditions. "People in my country, they don't live," she said. "They survive." Deli, who grew up with her grandma in a small southern village of just a few thousand people, often spent her time dreaming of coming to America.

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"Going to the cinemas and watching on TV the Hollywood movies with the beautiful buildings, people, lifestyle, everything... It's like, wow, one day I want to come to America and see by myself. And I came here and it's like, wow, it's so many opportunities that people can get in America. Why not?" she says.

Growing up in such tough circumstances prepared Deli for the hard work that lay ahead of her. And people from her home country have responded really well so far to the success she's already achieved, especially in regard to "What Do You Mean." "Everyone calling me from my country, they're telling me how proud they are of me and how great the video turned out," she says.

Looking forward, Deli has some auditions coming up for a few different movies, which she didn't name specifically. In the meantime, she also still has her modeling job, and a month from now she says she will be traveling throughout Europe to model a variety of different clothing and lingerie brands.

The model could also see herself in the future at a job involving kids, because she loves children. She could see herself being a child psychiatrist or a teacher, especially since her major was foreign literature.

Whatever it is that Deli decides to do, it sounds like she has a truly exciting journey ahead of her!

Image: Xenia Deli/Instagram