Let Mister Rogers Be Your Cardigan-Spiration

by Mary Grace Garis

It's been so many years since Mister Rogers asked if I would be his neighbor, but it's safe to say that the answer is still "Yes." Following the lead of Bill Nye the Science Guy and Reading Rainbow, Netflix added Mister Rogers' Neighborhood to its September line-up of nostalgic childhood classics. And I'm personally psyched, because, if there's one thing I've missed, it's watching Mister Rogers' stellar cardigan game every morning.

Don't act like you don't know what I'm talking about. At the beginning of each show, the camera would zoom in on a miniature model of a town and the yellow mini house that Mister Rogers lived in (yeah, I don't know), and he would get into his comfy clothes. This also included switching out his dress shoes for sneakers, but when he traded in his suit jacket for a cardigan? That's when things got real. And, honestly, I couldn't think of a better time for Mister Rogers to hit a streaming platform, because I myself am about to return to the great wide world of grandma sweaters.

So, to get you psyched for the return of Mister Fred Rogers (R.I.P., dude), here are eight top notch cardigans to give you fall fashion inspiration.

1. This Ode To Neutrals

Mister Rogers keeps it classy with a mainly neutral — but by no means boring — palette. Look how he expertly mixes taupe with beige, how he pulls in the brown of his belt with the plaid of his tie. And everyone can agree that the black piping is gorgeous. His only addition of color? A light powder blue shirt, which offsets what otherwise could've been a stuffy outfit.

2. This Kelly Green Cable Knit

This cozy zip-up is so beloved by Mister Rogers that he has multiples in different colors. Pictured here is the OG kelly green version, a sweater fit for Emerald City royalty.

3. This Ruby Red Piece Of Art

Now, while the green is good, I have to give two thumbs way, way up for the scarlet rendition. That bold pop of color means you'll never have trouble finding Mister Rogers in a crowd.

4. This Great Grape Look

Honestly, few men can tackle purple in earnest (it's like, Chuck Bass, and that's it), but Mister Rogers is pulling it off here. And I'm loving how all the other components of the outfit are toned down a few shades darker as if not to compete with the violet hue.

5. This Cornflower Blue Garment

Whoa. You know, Mister Rogers is smart enough to know black and navy don't mix (I saw this after wearing a black and navy outfit to dinner last night, so don't mind me), so he makes sure his blues just teeter on the edge of being a true navy. It's a fashion risk that works, and he looks more dapper than ever.

6. This Muted Masterpiece

Whoa, hold up, guys. Look at the subtle heather look on this beautiful beige cardigan. And what about the beautiful detailing near the edges? Even his understated looks are fashion genius.

7. This Blue-Gray Gem

I'm not actually 112 percent sure what color it is, which makes it brilliant. Beyond that, I really like how Mister Rogers mixed it up incorporating a little collar and a white zipper. True innovation.

8. This Golden Delicious Cardi

Bonus points because he's sitting next to a beautiful, majestic dog. But look past Barney (yes, his name is Barney), and you'll see an absolutely sensational cardigan. I'm personally a fan because it looks waffle-esque, and I am very pro-waffles.

Alright, enough oggling. Make sure to relearn all of Mister Rogers' valuable life lessons on Neflix this autumn. And until Volume 2 comes out, I'll see you later, neighbor!

Images: Netflix (9)