LA Splash's Disney-Inspired Lipstick Is Enchanting

Looking to channel your inner princess? Look no further. LA Splash's Studio Shine Lip Lustre Collection has a wide variety of Disney princess-inspired lipsticks, and they're not leaving anyone behind. No matter who your favorite character is, this collection has something for everyone.

If you're thinking that these colors are based on your typical line-up of princesses, think again. Including characters like Tiana, Aurora, Nala, Faline, and even the Evil Queen, the lipstick collection is as versatile as it gets. There's a color to match anyone's personality or any outfit, ranging from light pink Belle to dark red Duchess. It's never been easier to fuel your love of Disney in a grown-up way than with these character-inspired colors.

Whether you're headed under the sea, roaming through the mountains, or simply hitting the office, this waterproof lip color is sure to last all day long. Each color has a matte finish and a drying agent to make the color really lock on your lips, so you're guaranteed to live happily ever after with your lip look of choice. La Splash also released a similarly long-lasting Harry Potter-inspired lipstick collection, so there's no telling what they'll come up with next. Clearly, they know what the people want!

No princess look is complete without the perfect outfit. From head to toe, there are ways to incorporation your favorite characters into your entire look (yes, even when you're not longer in elementary school). Combine this long-lasting color with the perfect princess-inspired outfit and you'll be on your way to a magical day or night out on the town.

1. Esmerelda

(Esmerelda Lip Lustre, LA Splash, $14)

(Stardust Flared Jumpsuit, ASOS, $284)

(Hammered Hoop Earrings, Blue Nile, $105)

Channel your inner Esmerelda with a long-sleeved white jumpsuit and a pair of gold hoop earrings. Nothing says free-spirited like a bright lip and fabulous accessories.

1. Ariel

(Ariel Lip Lustre, LA Splash, $14)

(Emerald City Crop Top, Nasty Gal, $48)

(Shell Pendant Necklace, Nordstrom, $54)

Stick to a crop top to keep your look fun and summery. Of course, an Ariel-inspired outfit wouldn't be complete without a shell necklace as a finishing touch.

3. Tiana

(Tiana Lip Lustre, LA Splash, $14)

(Yellow Shift Dress, LuLus, $49)

(Flower Crown, Icing, $16.50)

Keep it whimsical with a hint of nature to play off Tiana's flower-esque gown. A headband is the perfect way to incorporate the princess's updo.

4. Evil Queen

(Evil Queen Lip Lustre, LA Splash, $14)

(High Caped Dress, Nasty Gal, $23.40)

(Regal Purple Heels, Jessica Simpson, $89)

Channel your inner bad-girl with this caped little black dress and bright purple heels. Looking this fierce, you'll be sure to cast a spell or two with your fabulous style.

5. Belle

(Tiana Lip Lustre, LA Splash, $14)

(Flare Dress, OASAP, $18.99)

(Nosis, Aldo Shoes, $50)

A classic flare dress is perfect for a day around town. Just don't forget your leather bag to keep all those books in!

Images: Courtesy Brands