'Harry Potter' Lipsticks Are Magical

All the dreams you've had of hanging out at Hogwarts have just come true. No, you won't get an acceptance letter hand-delivered by Hagrid or a ride on the Hogwarts Express. But there is a line of Harry Potter-inspired lipstick and you don't even need magic to make it yours!

I can't tell you how times I've marathoned the Harry Potter movies just imagining that I was best friends with Hermione. You can't lie either — I know you've had the same thought. How cool is it that instead of wishing, I get to hang out with my favorite characters every time I do my makeup! All the shades have names like Hermione, Ravens Claw, Severus, Nagini, and Spellbound, making them the perfect potion for luscious lips. I don't know this for sure, but I bet Dumbledore would approve.

The line is called Smitten Liptint Mousse and it's available from LA Splash Cosmetics. There's a full range of colors to choose from, and what I love is that there's something for everyone, regardless of your skin tone or preferences. Like darker toned lipsticks? There's an almost black-jet black option, and the collection offers wildly bright colors as well.

Here's a look into the Harry Potter hues!

This trend doesn't stop with Harry Potter. There have been many movie inspired make-up collections in the past. Urban Decay did a full line based off of the movie, Pulp Fiction, which included lipsticks, eye shadows, liners, and basically everything you could imagine. Along with this, the news just broke that Cover Girl will be releasing a Star Wars inspired line.

1. Cover Girl x Star Wars

2. Urban Decay x Pulp Fiction

3. Cover Girl x Hunger Games

4. MAC x Maleficent

If you're looking to be bold and represent your favorite films, the beauty world has got your back.

Image: LA Splash Cosmetics