16 On-Point Emojis Hillary Clinton Will Definitely Need For Future Emails

On Monday, the State Department released another batch of Hillary Clinton's emails from her tenure as Secretary of State. From the 4,368 emails — the largest batch to date — the public has learned that Clinton has good taste in television, shares funny, self-deprecating stories, and cracks the whip at the office when she needs to. All of these emails reflect very different tones. But luckily, with the advent of the emoji, you can more clearly express yourself these days. If Clinton really wants to emphasize her message — any message — she might want to consider learning the fine art of these tiny visual aids.

Sure, Clinton's emails are already riveting enough — the Internet practically lost its mind when it found out that she's a fan of Parks and Recreation — but they could always use that extra little oomph that only a two-dimensional cartoon face can add. However, emojis can be a significant tool, and sometimes a dangerous weapon, so one must use them responsibly.

Hillary might have been discouraged by her emoji fiasco from earlier this month — she tweeted for Americans to tell her how they feel about their student loan debt in three emojis or fewer. Yeah, maybe not the best subject to discuss using digital cartoons. [Insert disappointed face emoji here.]

But she shouldn't be deterred from using emojis entirely. If done well, emojis could really up her email game. Just think of all the boss moments that could have used the face with sunglasses. Here are 16 emojis Hillary should learn for her emails in general — and especially if she becomes president.

The Winky Tongue Face

For any time she wants to troll John Boehner.

The Expressionless Face

For when she wants to respond to Donald Trump's nonsense, but doesn't want to waste her energy on words.

The Cry-Laugh Face

The versatile cry-laugh face can be used any time she forwards an article on a GOP candidate, or when she quotes her favorite lines from Parks and Rec.

The Two Girls Dancing

When she suggests girls' night out to Cheryl Mills or Huma Abedin.

The Girlie Girl

This would have been perfect for when she told the story of losing her shoe on the way up to be greeted by Nicolas Sarkozy.

The Thumbs-Up

Think of all the time she would save using this instead of answering yes to staffers.

The Thumbs-Down

The same goes for answering no. She can just give the thumbs-down like a Roman emperor.

The Peace Sign

For whenever a staffer compliments her or sends her a flattering photo of herself.

The Flexed Bicep

The pound can be used when she addresses women's rights, in the spirit of Rosie the Riveter.

The Rainbow

As a proponent of LGBT rights, Hillary can make good use of the rainbow emoji.

The Sparkle

For when she wants to add an extra air of Hillary-ness to her message.

The Pizza

Because at some point in her career, I'm sure she will talk about pizza. Or at least, I hope she will.

The Martini

This is the perfect thing to tack on to a "job well done" email to her staff after a marathon meeting or an all-nighter.

The Airplane + The iPhone

Because texting on flights can basically sum up her life.

The Face With Sunglasses

If Hillary had to choose just one emoji for her arsenal, then this would have to be it. She experiences so many "like a boss" moments in her day-to-day that she's the walking embodiment of the "deal with it" emoji.

Images: Emoji Stickers