Fans DO NOT Approve Of Kermit's New Girlfriend

If you thought people reacting strongly to a human celebrity moving on after a high-profile breakup was bad, just wait until you read about Kermit's new girlfriend, Denise. Yes, you read that right. According to People, Kermit is dating a pig named Denise less than one month after he and Miss Piggy broke up. Apparently, while Kermit is working on Miss Piggy's late-night talk show, Up Late with Miss Piggy, which will be featured on ABC's upcoming comedy The Muppets, he met Denise, ABC's head of marketing. A source also revealed, "He calls her his girlfriend."

Gasp! Kermit sure doesn't waste anytime, now does he? Well, if you're worried about Miss Piggy, don't be, because it looks like she may have found a new man in actor Liam Hemsworth. That's right, Hemsworth will appear on The Muppets and even possibly romance the famous pig.

Whatever the case, Kermit and Miss Piggy shippers are not happy. For real, people are taking to Twitter and expressing their anger about Kermit's alleged new girlfriend and so-called relationship. They have some not-so-nice things to say about this reported news and sure aren't afraid to speak their minds. That's right. Actual people are hating on PUPPETS. What has the world come to? Here are a few of the many negative tweets.

Denise Is Being Labeled A Cheater

Whoa. You might only see her as a puppet, but she has feelings, too.

Kermit Is Receiving A Lot Of Hate

I guess people want him to date his "own kind?" The world should be more accepting than that.

Kermit's Getting Called Names

The harshness is real, people.

Looks Are Being Discussed

No. Not cool.

Miss Piggy Is Getting Hate, Too

Let's support each other and leave her out of it.

Abuse Is Coming Into Play

Maybe she hit him with her purse now and then, but this shouldn't even be part of the conversation.

See? A lot of hate for puppets on a TV show. People realize they're not real, right?