Lindsay Lohan Takes 'Parent Trap' Selfie

Get ready for some very serious throwback vibes! If you love The Parent Trap , then you vividly remember the movie as Lindsay Lohan's breakout project. A lot has changed since Lohan played identical twins Annie James and Hallie Parker in the 1998 film, but one thing hasn't — the actress' glowing complexion! Lohan recreated a Parent Trap photo in a selfie she shared to Instagram and it's making me feel so nostalgic for the the movie.

"Spa week really does wonders! #laprairieswitzerland #theparenttrap," Lohan captured the snap, which shows her holding up a phone with a press photo from the movie on its screen. Not only does her vibrant glow channel her 11-year-old self, but the photo reminds me of why I love the movie so much in the first place. Lohan jumps off of the screen, with charisma that made every 11-year-old girl want to be her. (Or at least me.) Not to mention that Hallie and Annie had the coolest houses and parents.

While I love this comparison photo, I wouldn't hate if Lohan maybe recreated a few more famous moments from The Parent Trap. Here are seven more scenes from the movie that she should bring to life.

1. The Handshake

Because it redefined handshake goals.

2. The Booby-Trapped Cabin

One of the most famous scenes from the movie.

3. The Moment Annie And Hallie Realize They're Twins

Yes, I still get chills, even as an adult.

4. The Haircut

Less painful than the ear-piercing scene.

5. The Love For Leo

Everything about this is 1998 and I love it.

6. The Camping Trip

A gentle reminder that sugar water does not repel mosquitoes.

7. When The Twins Come Face To Face

Right after that unreal fencing match.

Images: Disney (screenshot); Lindsay Lohan/ Instagram; Giphy (7)