Is Kirk Single After 'Bachelor In Paradise'? Instagram Reveals His Vacation Romance May Have Ended Poorly

When the second season Bachelor In Paradise started, a few things happened: the contestants stripped down to their bathing suits (or less), the drinks started flowing, and people started coupling off — fast. Two of the first to go were Carly and Kirk, a match made in adorable, giggling-plaid paradise. After sneaking off together on literally the first night of the show, they settled into a very secure routine, with no one really upsetting their bubble. Everyone had them marked as the cutest couple on the show but when we started digging into answering the question are Carly and Kirk still together, the results were not as romantic as the show might lead us to believe. So, is Kirk single after Bachelor in Paradise ? Things don't necessarily look good.

Sure, they seem happy now, but that's easy when you're on a Mexican vacation. It can be a lot harder to maintain once your relationship gets kicked out into the cold, hard world that's lacking in rose ceremonies and sage bartenders. I took to Kirk's Instagram to see what I could find. It's a little tricky, since he is the ultimate fitness enthusiast and most of his posts are all about health and keeping in shape (it simultaneously made me want to work out and eat a box of cookies). However, there are still a few hints to glean about what happened when this contestant returned to the real world fromParadise.

Fishing Without Carly

I'm not saying he has to take her bass fishing. I'm just saying that she easily could have been worked into any of his photos lately, but she's clearly been absent.

And That Might Be A Sign

He makes a point of saying how that's the sign he likes you, then goes solo? Coincidence? I think not.

Viewing Party Seating

The gang's all there for the Bachelor In Paradise viewing party — except Carly, who should really be in Tenly's spot. What gives, Kirk? Also, points for that caption.

Doing His Gym Thing

He's doing him, working out and teaching classes at his gym. Living the life, possibly single.

Flying Solo At Weddings

No date, or just not in the photo? I'm guessing no date at all, otherwise we would have seen the evidence (thanks, Internet!).

Time Lapse

It has been just about two weeks since his last post with Carly in it. Which, in Bachelor-terms, is about a million years. Where are the cute kissing photos? Where are the pictures of sunsets, and fishing together, and inspirational quotes? Maybe they aren't his style but I think it's more than likely that Kirk is back on the market again.

Ladies, form an orderly line.

Image: Rick Rowell/ABC