Where's Madison Hildebrand Today? The 'Million Dollar Listing Los Angeles' Alum Is Still Selling The Malibu Life

He's baaack. After a hiatus that had Bravo fans sitting at the edge of their seats, Madison Hildebrand is returning to Million Dollar Listing: Los Angeles (albeit a guest role), so start celebrating accordingly. No offense to the Joshes — or even Chad, LOL, remember him? — but Madison brought a certain Malibu chill to the show that was much needed. Plus, he was easy on the eyes. Season 8 will reintroduce the real estate agent with viewers, but you might be dying to know what Madison has been up to since he left Million Dollar Listing .

Madison's role on the eighth season of MDL: Los Angeles is not full-cast member status, but we'll take what we can get, right? After departing from the series two years ago, Madison has continued to pop-up on MDL and other Bravo shows like Millionaire Matchmaker. His imprint on the show is still v. relevant, as I almost feel reminded of his absence each time Heather (Madison's old assistant and Josh Altman's girlfriend) is on screen. Basically, it's been a long time waiting for Madison's return. So what is Madison up to now, two seasons after his departure from the show? He's kept up appearances and seems pretty excited to be returning to our TV screens.

He's Looking Good

Let's just get this out of the way.

He's Hanging With Other Bravolebrities

I'd like to think there's a Bravo phonebook you get once you start working on a Bravo show.

He's Rescued The Cutest Dog

Meet Maya, Madison's adorable pup who makes many appearances on his Instagram.

He's Still Selling That Malibu Life

Look, I love the fast-paced city-slicker lifestyle that the Joshes employ, but you can't help but feel relaxed when Madison drives up to a house in a loose button down.

He's Excited To Return To Bravo

Bless! Not only are we excited that Madison is returning to MDL, but it seems like he is also excited to return, too! Now, all we need to do is get swoopy hair Chad back, and it's basically Season 1.