6 Embarrassing Donald Trump Videos That Even He Should Regret, Because These Are Seriously Weird

Let's just be honest — Donald Trump has done some pretty insane things during this election, but there are some embarrassing Donald Trump videos out there that even he probably regrets. (Maybe.) While he hasn't attempted to pull back his inflammatory rhetoric or hand over his Twitter account to a staffer, Trump has been a little bit more composed throughout his campaign than he's been in the past.

But it's not worth it to dwell on some of the seriously messed up things Trump has said, because he'll never apologize. In fact, a Google search of "Trump apologizes" only yields articles about The Donald refusing to say sorry. No, it's likely that the only thing Trump regrets are moments captured on camera that make him look truly stupid.

While he's definitely had his share of questionable moments during the campaign (such as the stunning variety of noises that man is able to make), they're nothing compared to the absolutely mind boggling weirdness of pre-campaign Trump. I have a hunch that these moments are probably so embarrassing that even Trump cringes to remember them. These videos are truly embarrassing for him, but absolutely hysterical for the rest of us. So sit back and enjoy some of Trump's worst and weirdest moments.

This Noise

I have no idea what it is, but I hope I can get it as a ringtone.

And This Noise

Is he a lion? Is this an example of how he'll take on Mexico? We need to know.

When He Literally Attacked Vince McMahon

At WWE, no less. He actually probably doesn't regret this video. He probably thinks it makes him look tough.

When He Nuzzled Rudy Giuliani's Boobs

itsgiulianitime on YouTube

Yes, that's Rudy Giuliani in drag. I have no answers for you. But I bet Trump is probably wishing there wasn't a video of him weirdly hitting on the former New York mayor in the creepiest way ever.

When He Produced This '80s-Centric Video

cpmilken on YouTube

If Trump wants to be taken seriously as a viable candidate, he might not be too happy about the fact that he literally made himself into a game.

When He Descended Down An Escalator

I'm pretty positive he doesn't regret this one either. I would say that he should, but then we would never have been graced with this beautiful Vine.

Christopher Gregory/Getty Images News/Getty Images

Truthfully, Trump probably regrets nothing. Waiting for Trump to apologize sounds like a great way to waste your time, especially when you could be doing something better. Like watching the escalator Vine on repeat.