15 Unlikely Running Mates For Kanye West, Because Even President Yeezus Needs A No. 2

Two days after Sunday's MTV Video Music Awards, the "Miley, what's good?" jokes have pretty much been played out, but there's another memorable part of the event that still has steam. Kanye West announced his intention to run for president in 2020 during the awards show, and Twitter users are using a hashtag to share the most unlikely running mates for a Kanye presidency and who they think should be Ye's VP.

As for the White House's opinion of Kanye's presidential run, Press Secretary Josh Earnest said that he's looking forward to "seeing what slogan [Kanye] chooses to embroider on his campaign hat." Kanye also probably doesn't have the endorsement of one President Barack Obama — the president has called Kanye a "jackass" multiple times. Apparently, Obama felt bad for Taylor Swift during that infamous VMA Awards event, but maybe if Swift becomes Kanye's running mate, the pair will gain Obama's support after all.

The tweets range from funny — Kanye's so-called nemesis, Kris Humphries (who was formerly married to Kim Kardashian, Kanye's wife), definitely fits that bill — to just plain absurd. (See: Pedro, as in, "Vote for Pedro," from the cult classic Napoleon Dynamite).

Some Nominated Fictional Characters.

But if it were possible, we'd totally vote for a Kanye/Ron Burgundy White House, too.

Others Suggested Real People, Whether That Meant Kanye's Alleged Enemies Or Just Other Celebs.

A Kanye/Taylor ticket would be unstoppable, though. Seriously.

And For Some Jokesters, There's Just No Explanation.

Well, OK, there's definitely an explanation for that last one.