I Grilled Siri About Apple Event Details, And Her Answers Were Pretty Unexpected

Look, if anybody should know what's going to be unveiled at the big Apple event on Sept. 9, it's Siri. So come on, Siri, help me out. Will Apple release details about the iPhone 6S? Will we get to see a brand-new Apple TV? All we know so far is what was shared on Apple's event invitations and event page. It was a single line: "Hey, Siri, give us a hint." "What could Siri hint to me about the Apple event next week?" I wondered. So I asked.

Like the smart woman she is, Siri doesn't completely ignore questions about the company's next event. If you ask her "What's going to happen at the Apple event?" or (using Apple's suggestion) say, "Hey Siri, give me a hint," she'll certainly answer you. But her answers are coy, and won't give much away.

The best answer she gave me was to the query "Siri, tell me what's happening on September 9th," to which she responded, "Well, I hear there is something big happening on September 9th."

There have been rumors that Apple might unveil the iPhone 6s, the iPhone 6 Plus, and/or a new Apple TV. Annoyingly, although Siri certainly knew about the event, she wouldn't confirm or deny that she could confirm or deny any of the rumors.

And if you use Apple's suggestion of "Siri, give me a hint," she'll just make you feel bad about your impatience.

Bravo, Apple. But that won't keep people from making some great educated guesses. September is the time of year when Apple typically announces updates to its iPhone series. This means that the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus will likely see updates — presumably the iPhone 6S and the iPhone 6S Plus. The updated version will likely feature additions that improve LTE speeds and battery life, according to Entrepreneur. Rumors say that the 6S will feature a 12-megapixel, rear-facing camera with 4K video support and an improved forward-facing camera for better selfies. The new iPhone could apparently also come in a new rose gold color option.

Another rumor is that Apple will announce a new Apple TV, which probably wouldn't be available for purchase until October, according to the Independent. Not everyone believes that the TV will actually be announced. Instead, some believe Apple will only announce an update to its set-top box — one that will feature Siri support and an updated remote control, according to Entrepreneur.

Other, less likely rumors include: Apple could announce its new 12.9-inch iPad, a new streaming service to help it compete with cable companies, or a new "smart band" to update the Apple Watch's functionality. Regardless of what will go down, Siri won't budge. You can even go back and forth with her enough that she'll ask why you like apples so much.