Santacon Santas Brawl; Chef Takes To Plough Pub's Twitter After Being Fired: In Other News

It's the most wonderful time of year ... unless you were in New York City for Santacon. The Saturday celebration, described by Business Insider as a "dreaded annual event where frat house expats wreck havoc on the city dressed as the jolly holiday icon," ended in a brawl between Santas later that evening. Somebody uploaded footage to YouTube of a bunch of Santas fighting on a street corner in NYC, and it looks like all that padding finally served a purpose. Well, to a point.

The 80-second video, entitled "Santapocolypse NYC 2013," sees a bunch of aggressive Santas pushing one another over in the snow. And an elf got involved. This is not a joke.

In other weird news from the weekend, a recently-fired chef in the United Kingdom, Jim Knight, took to the Twitter account of his employer, The Plough Pub, and began expressing his rage. (Not to mention the assertion that the Plough bought and sold cheap meat.) Knight claimed that he was more than within his rights to access the Plough's Twitter account because he'd helped set it up.

It went on for a little while before anybody noticed.

John Donald Cody, an Ohio man who ran a fake charity "for the veterans" and managed to raise $100 million in the process, has been sentenced to 28 years in prison.

The first case of CTE in a baseball player has been diagnosed in former MLB player Ryan Freel, who committed suicide last year. CTE, the notorious traumatic brain disease, has plagued football players and boxers who took heavy hits to the head. CTE has been linked to several high-profile suicide cases like Junior Seau's death. It may also be linked to Alzheimer's disease; and several variations of neurological impairment.

A new study suggests than a quarter of teens text every time they drive.

Oh, no. A New Mexico teacher has scolded a black student for wearing a santa costume. Megyn Kelly, look what you did!

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