5 Tips For Layering Your Leather Jacket This Fall

Summer is quickly fading, and that means it's time to start thinking about fall fashion. There are some cold-weather staples that will never go out of style, but that doesn't mean that they don't need some updating. Layering your leather jacket is a great way to create a fresh look without giving up your go-to piece for fall. Whether you're looking to bundle up without looking bulky or just trick the eye into thinking your wearing loads of layers, there are simple ways to look your best while keeping warm.

When it comes to mastering this chilly-weather trend, less is definitely more. The key is to pick your pieces wisely. For example, too thick a sweater will leave you roasting, while something too thin might not give you the layered look you desire.

Once you've picked the perfect leather jacket as the basis for your look, leave it up to the accessories to finish off the outfit. Nailing the layered leather trend is as simple as slipping on your favorite necklace or covering up with your favorite scarf, but when done right, it can really make you stand out. Check out these five tips to keep you on track with the trend this fall.

1. Add Some Detail

Ribbed Turtleneck Sweater, $23, Forever 21

Instead of settling for you average sweater underneath your jacket, opt for something with a little more detail. A cowl necked shirt adds the perfect touch of layering without leaving you looking bulky.

2. All In The Accessories

Pearl Short Necklace, $38, Vera Bradley

You can give the impression of a layered look with a few well-chosen accessories. A triple strand necklace or a pile of chunky bangles will give the illusion of layering without adding any more clothing.

3. Go Long Underneath

Long Denim Shirt, $30, H&M

The denim shirt is a go-to fall staple, but take it a step farther by choosing a denim dress to put under your jacket. Leave a few of the buttons undone and add a graphic t-shirt underneath or pile on the accessories.

4. Wrap-Up

Floral Print Wrap, $29, Nordstrom

The easy way to layer is by grabbing a scarf, but update the traditional look by wearing a wrap instead. It adds tons of dimension to an outfit and is easy to take off if you get a little too warm.

5. Pick The Perfect Jacket

Cable Knit Jacket, $30, Gabrielle Rocha

There are so many jackets out there to choose from that the possibilities are endless. If you know you're a fan of the layered look but don't want to cram sweaters and scarves under your jacket, opt for a style that does it for you.

The best way to nail layering is to be comfortable. With so many options to make the look your own, there's no way to do it wrong.

Images: Courtesy Brands