How To Style Fall's Biggest Scarf/Bandana Trend

Gone are the days of wearing your bandana attached onto a headband (hopefully) — and hello to giving our childhood favorite headpiece an adult update. One of fall's biggest trends is one we're familiar with: here's how to style a scarf, the square swatch of cloth that's so versatile, you can practically create a week's worth of outfits with just one piece.

If you're feeling more of your casual, too-cool-for-school vibe, opt for the bandana. But on the days you're feeling extra sophisticated, or maybe your trying to make a good impression on your SO's parents, or maybe you just feel like being Jackie O for the day, the silk scarf is your best friend. The beauty of the bandana and silk scarf is that it's a small accessory that makes a big difference.

Throw on a red, black, or blue bandana with a white tee, distressed jeans, and your favorite bootie, and you've got automatic cool points.

1. The Triangle

My particular favorite way of styling a bandana is keeping it in the triangle shape and just simply tying it behind your neck. Suddenly, your plain white tee is elevated. And if you're like me and feel a sense of panic from wearing colors, this is a super easy way to add a new hue to your outfit. Same goes for a silk scarf — which looks particularly chic in a white button up, favorite pencil skirt, and statement bag.

2. The Ultimate Hair Accessory

There's about a million other ways to style the bandana, but my runner up fave is using it as a hair accessory. So I'll admit — I don't wash my hair everyday. Gasp. So when my hair's looking particularly greasy, and I'm on I don't know, day three or four of no shampooing, the bandana and silk scarf are my go-to's to hide the grease. For a no-fuss, no-muss look, simply rock it as a headband! The beauty of this is that the messier, the better. It's that rolled-out-of-bed look that manages to look super cool. If you're feeling bohemian for the day, tie around the top of your head. And, if you happen to be a hair expert, you can incorporate a bandana or scarf into your updo and braids.

3. Arm Yourself

Now if you're more of an arm candy person — surprise! Bandanas and scarves can be that, too! Seriously, can you say versatile? Wrap one (or two, or three) around your wrist or arm, and you've got an unexpected accessory that'll be sure to add a pop into your lewk. Because sometimes, you need a little more than bling bling. Lover of ankle straps? Wrap one on each ankle and throw on your favorite pair of pumps. Tie one around you wrist and then wear a bracelet over it, and you've just upped your layering game.

4. Accessorize your....accessories!

So maybe you don't want to tie a piece of cloth to your limbs. After all, we still have some hot days ahead of us, amirite? No problem — tie them onto your accessories! This amazing styling tip is one that I learned from my mother, who would tie a silk scarf around her favorite black handbag, and change it up whenever she felt like it. That way, her bag always felt fresh and new, without having to go out and buy a new one. Cost efficient and creative. It doesn't get more classic than that! If you're a hat lover like me, you can tie a bandana or scarf on as a band/ribbon, and violà, you've got an old hat with new tricks.

So dig up those dinged up bandanas (the more beat up, the better) from elementary school, and let your inner good-girl-gone-bad out. Or, like me, raid your mother's closet for her most gorgeous vintage silk scarves and have at it. But if you're a newcomer to this trend, check out where to shop it, below!

The Hybrid

Bindya Bandana Silk Scarf, $150,

The best of both worlds wrapped in one.

The Classic

Urban Outfitters Classic Bandana, $6,

Because like Taylor Swift, this never goes out of style.

The Sophisticated Look

Tory Burch Chain Print Silk Scarf, $155,

Now imagine this tied up on your everyday work bag. Instant elegant points.

The Travel Lover

Steven Alan Map Silk Scarf, $135,

The Bad B*tch

A gorgeous silk scarf with map drawings all over it? Sold.

Nastygal Andie Bandana, $5,

Talk about sexing it up...

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