Samantha Bee Names Her New Talk Show & It Pokes Fun At Sexism In Late Night

Samantha Bee is here on your hump day with a promo for her new show, which now has a title: Full Frontal. She's never been afraid to shy away from the ridiculous treatment of women in the media, and now there is a new promo for Samantha Bee's upcoming late night talk show on TBS with a "lady-balls" joke — not to prove that she has just as much testosterone as the boys in late night, but that the whole male-dominated culture of talk shows is absurd. Introducing Full Frontal, which premieres on TBS in January, Bee says in the promo: "When TBS asked me to host a sharp, topical late night comedy show, I realized a lot of people would focus on the fact that I’m a woman entering a male-dominated field. But don’t watch my new show just because I’m a woman," she says, setting up the punchline for quite the inappropriate joke. (It's even blurred out, but I'll let you see for yourself.)

Samantha Bee, 45, will be the only woman with her own late night spot when her show premieres next January, and she won't let you forget it in this ad. In her 12 year tenure at The Daily Show with Jon Stewart, she produced some of the absolute best feminist segments that all had one thing in common: they exposed just how absurd and backwards of a world we sometimes live in. One of her last segments, in which Bee is so appalled and incredulous about parental rights given to rapists, shows Sam at her best: so distraught and fed up that she goes to live on a snowy, idyllic farm, and grow a beard, and turn the other cheek to the often still super-sh*tty world that women have to live in.

Hopefully, Bee will bring her wonderfully honed-political sensibilities to Full Frontal in January: it's clear from this promo that Bee doesn't take lightly the responsibility of being the only woman in a late night chair. And as Variety points out, she'll probably have that title for quite some time coming — after the winds of change swept through the land of late night, the dust has settled, and we're looking at premieres of The Late Show With Stephen Colbert (of course, the most anticipated), and The Daily Show with Trevor Noah. But, if this Full Frontal promo proves anything, it's that Samantha Bee is not scared of playing with the boys. Maybe they should be a little scared that she's not here for the sexist nonsense of late night TV.

Check out the promo below.