Beyonce Could Release New Music Soon

If there's one artist you can always count on for some good bops to help you get your life at any given moment, it's Beyonce. Her fierceness in everything she does — not to mention some great writers who craft her some bomb songs to add her amazing voice to — is what's granted her near royal status in the music industry, and she's definitely earned the throne over the years. But lately all we've been getting is radio silence from her camp. Beyonce and Jay-Z didn't turn up at the MTV Video Music Awards last Sunday, for one thing. She hasn't done any interviews (even Vogue couldn't get anything out of her, and they put her on the cover!) in a long time, and her last album was released all the way back in December 2013. The Beyhive is getting impatient, and we all want to know one very important thing: when will Beyonce release new music?

Because people on the Internet are cruel and like to play with our emotions, someone started a rumor on Monday that Beyonce recently registered five new songs with ASCAP, the major music copyrighting authority. The original poster included a screencap of the alleged songs, adding legitimacy to their claims and also getting us all excited for possible Babyface and Lil Wayne collaborations. Turns out, that all seems to have been a big fat lie.

Some intrepid souls over at Jezebel checked the Work IDs and ISWCs into ASCAP's non-member database to check the validity of the tracks, but no results were found, signifying that the whole thing was one big hoax. Of course, there's always the chance that information on the Work IDs is only available to actual ASCAP members, which is believable enough, especially if Beyonce wanted to keep her new projects as secret as possible. Then again, maybe that's just me getting my own hopes up again.

It remains to be seen when Beyonce's new music will hit the airwaves, so for now we can't do anything but wait patiently, and perhaps listen to this "new" track called "Who Knows", which was uploaded to YouTube earlier this year but which I only discovered earlier this week, because clearly I'm not up on my Beyonce news.

I know it's not much, but we've gotta take what we can get at the moment.

Image: Getty Images