Where Were Beyonce & Jay Z During The 2015 VMAs? Family Time May Have Won Out Over Award Shows

In 2014, Queen Beyoncé graciously allowed MTV to host an award show ahead of her concert, and then just as graciously accepted a well-deserved Video Vanguard Award, given to her by her husband Jay Z and her daughter Blue Ivy. It was a moment that was epic in terms of music, performance, and feminism — as Beyoncé launched one heck of a conversation by standing in a bejeweled leotard before a giant board proclaiming her as a feminist. Although she wasn't on the list of performers for this year's ceremony, eagle-eyed viewers like myself were on the lookout for Bey to at least make an appearance. However, in the end, we were all incredibly disappointed. Now we have to ask the important question: Where were Beyoncé and Jay Z during the 2015 VMAs?

Despite the fact that we live in an iPhone generation, the answer to this question is difficult to find. The best assumption that can be made at this point is that the pair were at home and decided to skip out on the ceremony, for whatever reason. (Perhaps, using her supernatural powers, Beyoncé foresaw that "7/11" wouldn't win for Video of the Year, and decided to stay in and make another homemade video with her girlfriends instead.) On her personal website, the pop star's last post is from Thursday, Aug. 27, and depicts her and Jay Z riding in a small cart on what appears to be vacation. Perhaps they have yet to return from that.

Her most recent Instagram post was a tribute to Michael Jackson that went up on Sunday, so we at least know that she's somewhere with WiFi. (This doesn't really narrow it down, mind you.) Jay Z, on his end, allegedly joined and quit Instagram in the same weekend, so we'll be getting no clues about his location on Sunday night from there. Prior to the start of the ceremony, there was a rumor going around that Beyoncé would be a surprise performance — much like the rumor that Zayn Malik would be a surprise performer — and her absence has given rise to a new rumor that Beyoncé has registered a series of new songs coming our way soon.

So where does that leave us? Beyoncé and Jay Z were either at home or in a hotel room on vacation, probably listening to Michael Jackson's music and dancing around with Blue Ivy rather than watching or attending the VMAs. The ceremony was a powerful, entertaining, and exciting way to spend two and a half hours even without their majestic presence, but they were definitely missed. On top of that, there's a good chance that we might be getting some new music from Beyoncé soon that aren't just two random singles attached to the re-release of her 2013 album BEYONCÉ. If that rumor is true, then perhaps her absence from the VMAs was a good thing for her fans after all.

Image: Beyonce.com