Every Time Vanessa Has Screamed Or Cried At A Houseguest For “Betraying” Her On 'Big Brother' 17

Even if you have only seen one episode of Big Brother this season, chances are that you have seen Big Brother 17's Vanessa cry at least once in your life. Why? Because the contestant cries all the time. Like, I don’t think a single episode has gone by without a few Vanessa tears being shed. And no one in the house is safe from her emotional outbreaks: Vanessa cries when someone betrays her, she cries when she betrays someone, she cries when misses her girlfriend... the list goes on. The fact that she is a poker player makes the whole thing all the more bizarre to me. For someone who literally makes her living keeping a straight face, Vanessa has been completely unable to hold back her emotions during the Big Brother game.

But, the way Vanessa unleashes on her houseguests when she feels betrayed by them is particularly heinous. She cries, she screams, she even calls other houseguests into the fray to defend themselves. It’s a disaster zone of emotions whenever Vanessa feels betrayed. For someone who is playing a game that is largely about deception, you would think she’d be able to get through one moment of feeling betrayed without losing it on her fellow houseguests — but no. Chances are, if Vanessa is feeling anything at all, the other houseguests are going to know about it. So, here are all of the moments Vanessa screamed or cried at a fellow houseguest for “betraying her” (aka, “playing the game”).

1. That Time She Cried To Austin And Liz

... and swore she didn't try to backdoor Austin. Later, she admitted that she had. Who's doing the betraying now, Vanessa?

2. That Time She Cried To Shelli

Because she had been loyal and didn't know why she was feeling so isolated in the house.

3. That Time She Screamed At Steve

For supposedly making a Final Two alliance with John.

4. That Time She Cried To Steve And John

This time because she missed her girlfriend. At least she switched up her reasoning this time?

5. That Time She Screamed At Clay, James, And John

Callie BBFeels on YouTube

A triple threat attack! She called out all three of them for some information Clay leaked incorrectly.

6. That Time She Lied About Becky Screaming At Her

... and then cried to Steve about it.

7. That Time She Yelled At James

Because he was trying to help her out by letting her know people thought she was playing the game too hard. See where a little bit of good gets you with Vanessa?

8. That Time She Cried To Becky

After Becky won HoH, Vanessa was a nervous Nellie.

9. That Time She Yelled At Austin

About his... tattoo? Yes, even the body art Austin got long before coming into the Big Brother house apparently has something to do with him betraying Vanessa.

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Image: CBS