Vanessa Won HoH on ‘Big Brother’ This Week, So Who Will She Nominate For Eviction? Really Anybody Could Be Her Target

We’ll have to hold our breaths until Sunday’s episode of Big Brother to find out what really went down during this week’s HoH challenge, but what we do know for sure is that Vanessa won HoH. (Amazing how that girl can turn up her competitive edge when her wellbeing in the house is dependent on it, don’t you think?) Anyway. Now that she is in charge of the Big Brother house, just who is going to be Vanessa's major target is anyone’s guess. With the way things have been going in the house lately, tensions are high, alliances are breaking apart, and pretty much everyone is gunning for Vanessa to go. Which means anyone could be on her list.

During a grueling endurance challenge on Thursday night, in which the houseguests were tasked with dangling from ropes while being spun around by a giant emoji-looking hand—barf!—Vanessa was the one to stay on the longest. But of the four jury members who were also fighting for a way back into the house, John was the longest to hold on, which means he is back in the house and most likely back on Vanessa’s evict list. But who else might go up on the block with him?

Let’s review the possibilities.


Vanessa orchestrated his being booted from the house last week, which tells me he is going to be the first person she targets now that she is officially in power.


Vanessa is still p-i-s-s-e-d about the fact that Steve was behind a five-person alliance that was gunning to get her out of the house a couple weeks ago. I have a feeling that, with John and Steve still in the house, the noms this week are going to give us all a case of déja-vous.


Maybe Vanessa will finally realize that there were four other people in the five-person alliance that formed to get her out of the house, and three of those five houseguests were the people she is supposedly closest with in the house. Isn’t that a bigger betrayal than the one Steve committed? If she catches on to this, she might just put up Austin, Liz, or Julia instead.


A huge threat from the beginning of the game, he’s been flying under the radar since the first few weeks by being totally likeable and pranking everyone. Will Vanessa catch onto his likeability factor and get him out instead? It would certainly be a safer move than ruffling her alliance’s feathers.


Big Brother 17’s sweetheart, Meg is going to take the jury vote if she makes it into the final two. For sure. Everyone likes Meg, and pretty much everyone in the house respects the way she has played the game so far. So with only eight people left in the game, Vanessa has to start considering final two, which means Meg might be the one for her to target this week.

Oh, and don’t forget it’s another double eviction this week. So with a quarter of the house slated to leave on Thursday, this week could be a total game changer. Stayed tuned, Big Brother fans. And, as always, expect the unexpected.

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Image: CBS (6)