Obama's Selfie Game Takes Climate Change To A Whole New Level By Bringing In A Trusty Side-Stick

President Obama's back at it. No, I'm not talking about the Iran Deal. I'm talking about Obama's selfie game, which is taking on climate change, health care deadlines, and unflattering angles — all with the help of the selfie stick. During his adventures in Alaska Tuesday, Obama snapped a video at Kenai Fjords National Park, home to the rapidly shrinking Exit Glacier. Using a sky blue selfie stick, he filmed his surroundings, reminding us that such majestic landscape must be preserved against global warming. However, it was hard to focus on his message when such a controversial apparatus was featured so prominently.

Yes, I'm still talking about the selfie stick. Earlier this summer, Disney banned the weapon in question at all of its parks, following what's becoming standard policy at major art museums and sporting events. According to some presumably skittish museum directors, selfie sticks are a public safety threat and could unintentionally harm priceless exhibitions. In the case of England's Premier League soccer clubs, selfie sticks have gone as far as causing intentional harm. Are selfie sticks really any more dangerous than large backpacks (permitted), slippery-soled shoes (also permitted), or the intrinsic clumsiness of human beings (utterly inevitable)? I'm inclined to be doubtful.

But let’s be real. Museum directors aside, most haters don’t actually care about safety hazards. They latch onto another reason why a selfie stick is so bad: because it looks stupid. Well, guess what haters? Selfie sticks serve a great utilitarian purpose. They improve selfies, and awesome selfies are far from stupid. And everyone — including Obama — is entitled to a fabulous selfie.

This isn't the first time Obama has used a selfie stick. In February, the commander-in-chief starred in a BuzzFeed video in which he captures a winking selfie on using the very practical tool.

And as of lately, Obama is certainly no stranger to social media. Since he arrived in Alaska this week, he has taken over the White House's Instagram, posting pictures of scenery and a pun-ny selfie with Bear Grylls, who will hopefully make Obama drink his own urine when they film Running Wild With Bear Grylls together, which is set to be aired later this year.

As you can see, his selfie skills have room for improvement. A finger in the frame is a pretty egregious mistake — unless he’s going for that kinda ironic, we-don’t-care-how-many-likes-this-gets vibe, in which case, awesome. He gets it!

So go on, Mr. President. Adjust that metal rod. Pan it out. Tilt it a little. Make sure you get enough natural lighting. Take as much time as you need to capture the elusive perfect selfie and then blast that gem on social media. Show America how fly you look, how hip you are. It makes us proud.

Images: The White House; Giphy