Lauren Conrad Admits She's "Pretty Basic," But That Doesn't Make Her Style Boring

NEW YORK, NY - FEBRUARY 05: TV personality Conrad attends the John Frieda Hair Care Beach Blonde Collection Party at the Garage on February 5, 2015 in New York City. (Photo by Dave Kotinsky/Getty Images)
Source: Dave Kotinsky/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Last year, when Allure labeled Lauren Conrad as "basic" there was public outcry, thanks to basic's negative connotation. But LC has moved past the unintentional insult, in fact, she even owns it. In the October issue of Cosmopolitan, Conrad admits to being "pretty basic" and she's totally fine with it.

“I probably am pretty basic,” the 29-year-old former Laguna Beach star told Cosmopolitan. “But I’m also a pretty happy person, so that’s OK with me.”

On the Cosmo cover, LC rocks a sexy purple silk romper and in the spread she wears a lace crop top/high-waisted shorts combo, so if that's what you wear when you're "basic," please sign us up. Conrad looks fabulous. While the original Allure article described Conrad's basic-ness as "remarkably unremarkable," we think that LC's "basic" style is something to be proud of.

From her blonde locks to her red carpet style, Conrad makes basic look like a good thing. However, I think basic has been misappropriated. Conrad's style is simple, classic and timeless, but that doesn't mean it's boring. Just because she prefers white t-shirts and pretty skirts to blue wigs and Balmain dresses does not make her "unremarkable" by any means. Here are 7 times LC made "basic" look awesome.

1. When she designed a collection based on Minnie Mouse


Loving Disney might be basic, but at least you know you have a soul.

2. When she wasn't too cool to wear a festive birthday hat


It's called being a team player, and LC is so cute for doing this.

3. When she added rose gold to her hair


Come on, this is beautiful. 

4. When she wore black leather and fringe

Take that, haters. Basic is probably going to become synonymous with "cool" after this look.

5. When she showed off some leg in this beautiful black skirt

Looking good, LC.

6. When she sat front row at fashion week

I will be basic and proud if that's what it takes to get a front row ticket to fashion week.

7. When she single-handedly brought the liquid eyeliner industry back to life

LC knows a thing or two about winged eyeliner, and if expertly applied winged eyeliner is "basic," I will gladly follow LC's lead.

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