Lauren Conrad Poses For 'Cosmopolitan' Cover In A Romper That Is A Departure From Her Signature Style

I rarely come across a magazine issue that does its cover star justice, but Lauren Conrad is Cosmopolitan’s October cover girl, and while she looks gorgeous, the outfit she’s photographed in definitely gives me pause. While the former Laguna Beach actress turned fashion designer is always a ten, the metallic purple romper she's photographed in isn't working for her, at least in my opinion.

First things first, is this an everyday ensemble or piece of lingerie? Judging from its satin shine and bows randomly stitched across the material, I can only assume, and hope, the romper is exclusively after hours attire. Detailing aside, the purple shade is gorgeous on Conrad. It's the bows that irk me. I stray from rompers to begin with, but slap some childhood accessories on one of these babies and your ensemble is even more playground appropriate. I'm just not seeing the mega sex appeal the Cosmo girl usually exudes here, despite the fact that she may be rocking lingerie.

This one-piece is clearly a fashion statement of an acquired taste, and if you know anything about LC’s style, this is is certainly a departure. Conrad's signature look is feminine and classic, with crew neck collars and flowing skirts making frequent appearances.

Conrad is sexy as a result of her indestructible confidence and "less is more" attitude. I love LC as much as the next person, and have no doubt in my mind that in the right outfit, the low cut and peek of cleavage would compliment her beautifully.

Check out five glossy covers that show Conrad's usual vibe to a T.

1. Glamour May 2010

This is a very young look for LC, but it still attests to her authentic fashion sense. Minimal glam, mega gorgeous.

2. Lucky July 2011

LC has become quite the icon for appropriate work attire, and this pays tribute to her style. Also loving the brown on black because, as Conrad has proven on multiple occasions, this is one fashion taboo we should nip in the bud.

3. Allure November 2012

This is my favorite LC cover. The nautical look suits her, and a pop of red on her lips is enough to brighten her eyes.

4. Marie Claire July 2013

There is a lot to love here. Polka dots are definitely a LC signature, and the blunt bangs frame her face perfectly.

5. Allure April 2014

This look is a little more severe than we're used to on Conrad, but Allure balances the designer's heavy eye makeup with neutral tone bronzer and lip. It's sexy, without going over the top.

Images: Cosmopolitan, Glamour, Lucky, Allure (2), Marie Claire