Lady Gaga's No Makeup Selfie Is All About Brows

Sometimes a no makeup selfie is just that... a no makeup selfie, taken randomly or spontaneously and without too much forethought. Other times, it's a proclamation from the poster, showing off their natural beauty to the world with pride. It can also be totally and unintentionally artful. Lady Gaga's latest no makeup selfie is unique because of her bleached brows.

Her lack-of-brow look totally ups her makeup-free game to another level. Gaga is no stranger to no-makeup selfies. She posts them often, alongside plenty of images of her blingy brows. Brows have been her thing this summer, whether they have been embellished and bedazzled or totally white-washed and minimalist.

Mother Monster looks extremely porcelain — pale, even! — but she doesn't come across as too, too ghostly. However, the singer is diving deep into her role as The Countess in American Horror Story: Hotel and it's influencing her personal look.

Gaga is fresh-faced, bare, and very blonde from the nose up! Her platinum hair and creamy skin are super striking. She always leaves her mark.

If you look closely, you will see that she has some seriously expert shaping going on. Her white brows are thick at the inner corners and thinned to fade at the outer corners.

More bleached beauty here! Even though she rocked a liquid liner flick, the brow-less look calls more attention to her framed eyes.

This aerial selfie appears super brow-less. It's like her bangs meet her eyes, with nothing n between. Her makeup artist could be further concealing her brows with powder products to keep things as dramatic and invisible as possible.

Gaga is really making a case for washed-out brows! Maybe a full, thick, Cara Delevingne brow really is overrated? Personally, I'm not ready to make my bushy brows disappear, but I can live vicariously through Ma Monster.

Her brows are visible but minimal here. She's really proving to be a brow chameleon, isn't she?

See how much fun the newly-minted TV actress is having? She's been semi-browed, no-browed, and bleach-browed. She has found a way to make a brow-less style versatile.

Here's Gaga from earlier this summer with a double row of brows, both hair and blinged out.

She is an exercise in contrasts and extremes, especially when it comes to eyebrows.

Images: Lady Gaga/Instagram (7)