Lady Gaga Wears Eyebrow Bling & Robe Coat For A Night Out With Taylor Kinney

Only in Lady Gaga's world can the singer mix two unusual and opposite elements in a single outfit and still look fabulous without being too outrageous, even though that's her signature. Lady Gaga wore eyebrow bling and a dramatic coat for a night out in Serbia with her actor fiance Taylor Kinney. So she was partially casual, partially glam, and totally glamsual.

I am used to Gaga dressing super outrageously, but for her, this was toned down. Still, she didn't sacrifice style, opting for a dusty blue robe-style coat, which looked like suede and was tied at the waist. It would have mimicked a hotel robe had it been white, which isn't a look I'd go for while out and about, but on Gaga, it totally worked.

Of course she wore heels, but she swept her hair off her face in a simple way, pairing aviator-esque sunglasses with brow bling, which was a smattering of gems across the tops of her groomed brows. Forehead and eyebrow jewelry is by no means a new thing. In fact many other celebrities, such as Gwen Stefani, Vanessa Hudgens, and Selena Gomez, have been criticized for wearing jewels that are highly reminiscent of bindis, traditionally worn in Hindu culture.

So Gaga certainly isn't unique in trying this look.

It was like she had a second row of eyebrows that were fake diamonds, and even if it isn't exactly origina, this look is so in Gaga's wheelhouse.

Mother Monster does have an added glow when she is in the company of Mr. Kinney, star of Chicago Fire and co-star of her "You & I" video.

I admit that I cannot help but wonder what she's wearing — or not wearing — under that robe coat. Is Gaga going commando? She appears to be wearing black slacks, but maybe she ditched a top? You never, ever know with her, but there is a lot of volume and fabric with that coat thing, and she used to go without pants all of the time. So it wouldn't shock me if she decided to go without other articles of clothing.

Still, she worked it, glamming it up with facial adornment.