Kim K's Best Body Pos Pregnancy Selfies

The newly-minted Queen of Instagram Kim Kardashian posted a selfie and totally owned her curves, as usual. The reality star was celebrating her attainment of 45 million Instagram followers in the only way she knows how — with a sexy selfie. If you are one of those 45 million followers, don't be ashamed. You know you can't get enough of Kim K posing all coy and kittenish — there's a reason she's the most popular person on Instagram.

She also continues to wear her signature form-fitting ensembles and looks on red carpets while pregnant with her second child, like her bronzy, smoky, military look at the 2015 VMAs. The most famous Kardsahian may get a lot of flack for it, but I say, "Who cares?" She's having a baby and she knows her style comfort zone. Let her do whatever the heck she wants. Plus, she consistently looks gorgeous.

The critical lesson to be learned here is that Kim K is using her fame and the social media power she wields in the best way possible. She is showing pregnant women, who can sometimes be uncomfortable with the way their bodies are changing, that it is a beautiful and sexy state of being.

This was her "Thank You" post to her minions! She makes busty girls such as myself feel proud to be well endowed!

More Kim K. kurves from the same "photo shoot!" North West's mother is currently covering one of the selfie issues of Interview , which I admit was my least fave of the eight covers since it was just Kardashian doing what she always does. I just need to peep her Insta in order to see such an image.

That said, Kim K's selfies are often beautiful since, well, her face is just that! But here are seven other kurve-celebrating, second pregnancy selfies of late.

1. Bikini Baby

Whoa! That is some cleavage. You cannot deny her adorbs caption, which featured baby bottle emojis. I love her sense of humor.

2. The Hot Mamas!

Kardashian was staying healthy and hiking while with child. She took time to pose with her mother and to show off some amazing curves in a black tank.

3. Kovered But Kurvy

She was kovered but kurvy in a sheer top.

4. Pouting With Kylie

Kim K pouted with her baby sis Kylie Jenner and brought some major cleavage to her white tank.

5. Minimal Makeup, Maximum Kurves

This is easily the most beautiful picture of Kim K I've ever seen. With minimal makeup, maximum pregnancy curves, and a neutral, flattering ensemble, I am blown away by her voluptuous and pregnant bombshell beauty.

6. Naked As The Day She Was Born & NSFW!

Yes, the image of her body captures your attention immediately. But it's her caption that shuts everyone and everything down! She is proud of her kurves and should be!

7. More Fashionably Kovered Kurves

Here's how you fashionably spotlight pregnancy curves! Kardashian donned a clingy maxi that hugged all curves, including the most precious one. It was still chic and stylish, but not overdone, overboard, or too tight. You can take or leave the sheath she wore overtop, as it might have been worn to protect the outfit underneath.

Kudos to Kardashian for loving and demonstrating her pregnancy curves all over Instagram this time out.

Jason Merritt/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

While her choice of lots of rigid leather fabrics while pregnant with North a few years ago was questionable, Kardashian has really been making the most of her additional curves during her second expectancy period.

It's as though she's saying, "Enjoy the extra curves while you got 'em."

Mad props for that, Kim!

Images: Kim Kardashian/Instagram (9)