21 Somber Images Of Refugees Seeking Asylum That Reveal Their Heartbreaking Situation

Local residents and rescue workers help a migrant woman after a boat carrying migrants sank off the island of Rhodes, southeastern Greece, on April 20, 2015. At least three people, including a child, died when a boat carrying more than 80 migrants sank off the Greek island of Rhodes today, police said. AFP PHOTO / EUROKINISSI / ARGIRIS MANTIKOS (Photo credit should read ARGIRIS MANTIKOS/AFP/Getty Images)

The dire circumstances in war torn Syria as well as other Middle Eastern and African countries, combined with stringent migration policies in the European Union have created a desperate situation for thousands of refugees who are seeking asylum in western European countries. The restricted allowances for refugees in countries like Greece, Germany, France, and the U.K. have created a veritable frenzy of individuals and families of all ages rushing to leave Syria, Kosovo, and many other countries. But in some cases the refugees are lacking the required paperwork to leave their home country and don't h a certain guarantee that they will receive asylum in western European nations. While desperately seeking to flee areas where they feel their human rights are being violated, where threat of physical danger is ever-present, and where food and water are not necessarily always available, millions of asylum-seekers have been risking their lives to flee their warring home countries. Photos of refugees seeking asylum reveal just how urgent the refugee situation is for so many in the middle east.

Images from train stations, boats at sea, and refugee camps depict a claustrophobic and frenzied state of affairs, where people are risking everything to find a safer home. Here are some of the most stark and intense images from the front lines of the rush for asylum in Europe.

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Because the need for migrants to relocate has become such a desperate situation, citizens and officials throughout western Europe are asking their governments to take more refugees. In Iceland, more than 11,000 families have offered to accept Syrian refugees into their homes, according to The Independent. The Guardian reports that Yvette Cooper, a member of Britain's Labour Party, has asked for Britain to take on 10,000 additional refugees. Foreign ministers from Italy, Germany, and France presented a plan to the European Union asking for a revision to current asylum laws. Germany has also requested more help from other countries in the E.U. after opening their borders to 800,000 refugees this year.

The call for more accommodations among E.U. nations and the desperate cries of refugees are only growing more intense as the death toll from the massive and chaotic migration attempts continues to rise. As of Thursday morning, CNBC reported that more than 2,500 fatalities have occurred among Mediterranean refugees so far in 2015. With so many in need of asylum and so far not nearly enough spots for refugees made available in the E.U., there does not seem to be an end in immediate site for Syrian refugees.

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