'The Mindy Project' Season 4 Posters Hint At Big Things Ahead For Everyone's Favorite Doctor

Mindy Lahiri is going to have the best year ever. TV Line exclusively revealed The Mindy Project 's Season 4 posters, and they feature a Mindy who is ready to conquer anything life throws at her, including a move to Hulu. The tagline, which all but winks at those in the know, reads "Up, Up And Her Way." While the tagline is definitely nodding to Mindy's move from Fox to Hulu, it could also be hinting at what is in store for Mindy Lahiri in Season 4.

Season 3 left off with Mindy in a state of flux. Not only was she pregnant, but she was starting her own practice and contemplating marriage with Danny. Her life was chaotic, but I have a feeling Season 4 is going to be all about Mindy coming into her own. If her life is still a project at this point, it's the good kind of project that is leading to bigger and better things. Just look at how far Mindy has come in the past few years — her career trajectory alone is worth getting excited over, but her personal life is coming together in a major way too. Mindy is doing it her way, and there's no telling where she is heading this season (besides to Hulu).

That won't stop me from speculating though. Here are four things I'm sure Mindy will be doing her way in Season 4.

Raising Baby Castellano

Danny might as well step back and let Mindy make their baby fabulous. Knowing Mindy, she will use a combination of her parent's example, her own cool, and a healthy dose of tips from celebrities and the royal family to raise Baby Castellano. The little guy will always be wearing designer duds, and ,let's be real here, he will definitely have a nanny (probably Morgan) despite complaints from Danny, because Mindy has a lot to juggle this year.

Getting The Fertility Clinic Up And Running

Mindy will be balancing the practice with her very own fertility clinic. I love seeing Mindy refuse to put her dreams on hold even when there is so much going on in her personal life. I expect lots of wacky clients and, hopefully, more of Mindy's brother/receptionist Vijay as the practice starts to flourish. Seeing Mindy in business mode is always a treat, especially since she has proven she is a creative thinker in terms of getting people in the office and making sure they stay.

Marrying Danny

When it comes to marriage, Mindy has made it very clear to Danny that it is something she wants, and not out of a sense of duty to the baby. Danny's trip to India could put these two cuties on the road to matrimony, but the question is will Mindy opt for a showstopper of a wedding or something small? Personally, I would love for Mindy to add wedding planner to her growing list of titles.

Getting A New BFF

Mindy's work/life balance is going to also extend to her friendships. Making friends as an adult can be hard, and that is a subject Season 4 plans to tackle head on. This is Mindy though, so you know she will take her very own Mindy approach to finding a new bestie now that Peter's gone. Seeing Mindy expand her friend base on top of everything else that's going on in Season 4 is going to be hilarious and so much fun to watch.

Are you ready for Mindy's big move? Season 4 premieres Tuesday, September 15 on Hulu.

Images: John P. Fleenor/FOX; Giphy (4)