Kylie Jenner Loves Matching Her Hair To Her Outfit

Today in hair news, Kylie Jenner matched her hair to her outfit when she recently stepped out in a beige romper that went perfectly her new dusty blonde hair. And while this isn't the first time Jenner has dressed according to her locks (we'll get to that later), this outfit certainly shows that she's embracing her golden hued hair to the fullest.

According to Just Jared, Jenner stepped out in Oxnard, Calif. on Wednesday afternoon wearing a beige, military-inspired romper with long sleeves. She paired the onesie with classic Adidas sneakers and small, light pink Givenchy cross body purse. The look is much different than the glamorous crop top and midi skirt ensemble she wore the night before to debut her new hair, and yet, both outfits are relatively neutral and beige-based.

It wouldn't surprise me if Jenner's new hair has affected her style. I know for a fact that after I get my hair cut, dyed, or even trimmed, I feel like a brand new woman with a boost of confidence and a willingness to try everything I was hesitant about before. We have all experienced the difference a hair cut can make. I'm sure she's feeling the effects of a change. Frankly, I would be surprised if her style didn't change because of it!

That being said, this isn't the first time Jenner has dressed to match her hair to her outfit. In fact, it's only one of many. No matter her hair color — whether it's dip-dyed blue, completely blue, super black, or even ashy blonde — she's figured out a way to coordinate her wardrobe to her locks. That's quite an impressive skill to have.

In addition to the beige-on-blonde outfits we've already discussed, here are five more times Jenner has dressed to match her hair.

1. Black

Just earlier this week, Jenner attended the MTV Video Music Awards in another beige dress. But this black bandage dress she wore after the show truly coincided with her sleek, dark hair look.

2. Bright Blue

Personally, I have always loved blue hair on Jenner. She makes it look effortlessly pretty and gorgeous. Here she's rocking a blue bob and a chambray shirt tucked into a pair of cut off shorts.

3. Light Blue

I also really like this pastel blue shade that she rocked with a ball cap and coordinating gray clothes. I seriously never thought gray would look good against light blue. But hey — it works!

4. Metallic

They don't call blondes Goldilocks for nothin'! For her birthday, Jenner rocked this short, metallic, diamond-encrusted mini dress that perfectly sparkled to match her high-shine gold-blonde hair.

5. Turquoise

If you had turquoise hair, you would only want to wear blue/green clothes too, am I right?