Delia's Plans To Make Adult Clothes

Good news for '90's children and Benjamin Button types — in addition to allowing the middle-school set to express themselves with graphic tees and age-appropriate (but still chic!) dresses, jeans, and more, Delia*s is planning a line of adult clothing for women in their twenties and thirties. Now, ladies who grew up earmarking pages, filling out order forms, and generally just wishing they were having as much fun as the models in the infamous catalog can relive the magic — just in a slightly different size range this time.

And (yes, there's an "and" because this just keeps getting better) there will be a throwback catalog, set to hit mailboxes in 2016.

"We’re working on doing a throwback flashback catalog that will probably be done at the beginning of 2016 that brings together the old and the new,” Steve Russo, who now owns Delia*s, told Buzzfeed this week.

This is all major (and unexpected) news for the retailer, which only last year announced bankruptcy before being bought by Steve Russo and investors and relaunched with online. This time around, the retro redux collection is sure to include plenty of super-youthful pieces that would be sure to impress your crush.

Here are some pieces from Delia's that I seriously need in my size.

1. This Blue Lacy Dress

I can see myself enjoying some adult beverages at brunch in this sweet blue lace number:

2. Super Sophisticated Slippers

Running errands just got really classy.

3. This Gold Dress

You know what would look great with this dress? A champagne flute.

4. This Super Preppy Look

There's something so urban-equestrian about this perfectly styled look. I'll take everything in an adult size, please.

There are even some Delia's classics that would be welcomed additions into my wardrobe, such as...

5. A Mod, Mad Men-Approved Shift

Just add a blazer, and a sparkly statement necklace.

6. A Denim Shirt Dress

Chloe Sevigny, is that you?

Besides the cute clothing and accessories, I'm also hoping that the throwback catalog won't skimp on UppER-LoweRCaSe font and quirky phrases. Wonder what, exactly, "neighbor's dual-cam turbo V-8" is all about?

Image: delias/Instagram