These Dad Joke Comics Will Hit You In A Funny Bone You Wished You Didn't Have — PHOTOS

As much as we groan at dad jokes, I acknowledge that there is a very refined art to them. The artist of "Sh*tty Watercolor," Hector Janse van Rensburg, has perfectly captured that art with his dad joke comics in watercolor. He rounded up the dad jokes in a subreddit as an experiment and then painted them individually, because the internet is #blessed. And really, I get that this dad in the comics is fictional. I get that he is a figment of our imaginations, and not an actual real human being. But somehow he is so real to me that he has his own voice in my head that delivers dad jokes in the ultimate "dad joke" voice, and it haunts me.

I have to say that, for the record, I was spared on that front in my childhood. My dad defies all dad logic and tells actually funny jokes. Maybe he doesn't actually have kids and I am a figment of everyone's imaginations? But while he dashed his chances at ever getting cast on a sitcom, just think of all the brain damage he spared me and my siblings over the years by not telling jokes that made us want to bang our heads against the wall! Alas, if you have a dad who tells ~dad jokes~, you'll relate all too well to these comics — and if you don't, you'll be as grateful to as I am to have been spared all these years. Here are all the unexpected places DAD JOKE can occur:

The Bank


Star Gazing


The Kitchen Table

Nowhere is safe. Not even your own home.

On Road Trips

Pun game too strong.

Your Living Room

File this under "reasons you failed 11th grade English".

Anywhere, Everywhere, At Any Time Forever

Good luck, people with dads who make dad jokes. I'll be sitting smugly in the corner with a dad who has never made a pun about a farm animal.

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Images: Courtesy of Hector Janse van Rensburg