Is Rihanna’s New Album Ever Coming Out? 8 GIFs That Describe How Fans Are Feeling Right Now

At a launch event for her new perfume in Brooklyn, N.Y. on Monday, pop superstar Rihanna told the press her long-awaited new album is coming along "really, really great." "We have recorded a lot of songs and I can't wait to finish and put it out. That's my next step," the 27-year-old singer reportedly said. That's all well and good, Rih, but here's what I want to know: WHEN will you finish? WHEN will you take that next step? WHEN will your fans (a.k.a. the Navy) finally get to hear R8?? At this point, I'm almost convinced it’s never coming out!

When Rihanna premiered "FourFiveSeconds" with Kanye West and Paul McCartney in January, everybody assumed the release of her next LP was imminent, but, obviously, it wasn’t. Over seven months later, there’s still no sign of the project. What’s going on? I don't mean to sound ungrateful, I guess I just got used to Rihanna putting out a new album almost every year. (I never realized how good we had it!) She spoiled us, and she deserves a break, but I have to say... being kept in the dark like this hurts. Here are 8 GIFs that perfectly describe how the Navy is feeling right now:

When You Think About How Rihanna's Putting Out ANOTHER Perfume Instead Of Putting Out ANOTHER Album

The nerve.

Every Time You Hear A Rumor That R8 Is "Coming Soon"



Yeah, OK.

I Mean, You KNOW It's Gonna End Up Being Fake... But A Small Part Of You Still Believes

Please, I'll do anything.

When You Remember Rihanna's Last Album, Unapologetic, Came Out Almost 3 Years Ago Now

You were just a child then.

When Someone Asks If You Miss Hearing Your Fave On The Radio

Every damn day.

Every Time You Open Your Laptop & See Pics Of Rihanna Enjoying Herself On Vacation

Where is the music?

But, If Anyone Tries To Come For Her...

You read that unwashed RAT from cover to cover. She's still your idol, after all.

Please come back ASAP, Rih. We need you.

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