Will 'Bachelor In Paradise' Return For Season 3? Another Trip To Mexico Would Be Worth The Wait

As soon as one season of a TV series ends, thoughts of the next immediately start forming in my head. So of course I'm already wondering, when will Bachelor in Paradise return for Season 3? ABC hasn't officially renewed BiP yet, but the announcement should be coming in a matter of time. The Aug. 24 episode pulled in the series' highest ratings ever with 5.5 million viewers, according to Variety, so there's no reason for the network not to bring it back after only seeing its popularity increase. However, when that renewal does come, we'll still have to wait a while before Season 3 actually begins, because Bachelor in Paradise is the perfect summer show. It belongs at the beginning of August, when the first two seasons started, and not any time sooner. It's the perfect palate cleanser between the end of The Bachelorette and the start of the following season of The Bachelor, though unfortunately, that means a long wait until another installment of Paradise if the series does return.

But even though the wait for more Bachelor in Paradise would be long, it'd still be worth it, because watching the show any time before late summer just feels wrong. And besides, there are plenty of other reasons why there needs to be a whole year between seasons of Bachelor in Paradise — no matter how tough that wait may be.

It Needs New Cast Members

While I appreciate that this season of BiP went for a few unconventional casting choices, like adding Lauren I. or picking some people from Bachelor/ette seasons long in the past, the bulk of the cast is taken from the Bachelor and Bachelorette seasons from the previous year, so we need new faces to join another season.

The Dust Needs To Settle From Season 2

The couples who decided to stick it out haven't even been given a chance to figure out if they're going to stay together or not. Give them some breathing room. And conversely, the people who had their hearts broken deserve some time to recover. We all want to see our favorite cast members return, but they need some time between seasons before starting the whole process over again.

Chris Bukowski Needs To Come Out Of Retirement

I know, he swears that he's done with the franchise forever, but I'm sure the temptation of returning for a third BiP season will be irresistible after a few months.

Chris Harrison Needs A Break

He's the real star of this franchise, after all. And while Harrison probably thinks of Paradise as practically vacation on its own, between his four hosting gigs, the man deserves the precious few months off.

Ben Higgins Deserves His Shot

His season of the show is next up on ABC's schedule, and as much as I love BiP, I wouldn't want it to pre-empt Ben's time in the spotlight.

And You Never Want Too Much Of A Good Thing

I love Bachelor in Paradise, but there's nothing worse than something you love outstaying its welcome. All of its quirks stay perfectly charming for a six-week period. If we're granted a third season of BiP, waiting until next August will be well worth it.

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