7 Times 'Bachelor In Paradise' Was 'Friends,' Starting With Tenley & Rachel's Pronounciation Of Joshua

I love Tenley on Bachelor in Paradise. How can you not? She's so sweet, genuine, and pronounces her love interest's name the same way my other favorite TV personality — Rachel Greene from Friends — does. I am talking about — of course — the wonderful pronunciation of "Joshua." Have you noticed it? It's single-handedly the most important thing that has happened this season. And this isn't the only thing that Bachelor in Paradise and Friends have in common. As it turns out, the spinoff of one of the best reality shows to ever hit TV shares a lot of similarities to one of the most beloved TV sitcoms of all time.

Are you a long-time Friends fan who recently got into Bachelor in Paradise? Maybe the Friends renaissance that hit the U.S. in the beginning of the year basically made you the seventh member of the New York friend group. Wherever your interests (and loyalties) lie — WE WERE ON A BREAK — it's hard to ignore some of the similarities that these two shows share. Obviously, we're talking about apples and oranges of reality and scripted TV, but let's take a look at seven times Bachelor in Paradise was basically Friends.

1. Ashley S. Is Definitely The Phoebe

No shade here. Phoebe and Ashley S. are both my favorite personalities on both shows. But you can't deny that both have that ~go with the flow~ vibe to them, right?

2. The Way Tenley Says Joshua

Suave Maurice on YouTube

Josh-UA. Joshua.

3. There's That Couple You Know Won't Break Up

Jade and Tanner are totally the Monica and Chandler — they're OTP.

4. "We Were On A Break" Is Basically The Samantha And Joe Scandal

Were they or weren't they? (Were they on a break or were they scheming before the show started?)

5. The Front And Back Letters

Remember when Rachel gave Ross an 18-page FRONT AND BACK letter outlining every detail of past mistakes, their future, etc.? Well, leave it to Ashley I. to recreate that — albeit, in moderation — with a three-page, front and back letter to Jared.

6. Jorge The Bartender Is Gunther The Barista

He's always there, listening, winning the hearts of the audience.

7. Oh My God, It's Chris Bukowski... Again

the87juju on YouTube

Chris is so the Janice on Bachelor in Paradise... Won't he just go away?

Images: Rick Rowell/ABC (2)