If 'Friends' Rachel Green Was On Instagram She Would Definitely Be Insta-Famous — PHOTOS

Sometimes, mostly during copious re-watches, it's easy to be reminded that Friends is hilariously '90s. Yeah, you may be watching it from the comfiness of your laptop, but there's no hiding that fact that your iPhone 5 probably has more power than Chandler's first laptop ("12 megabytes of RAM! Spreadsheet capabilities!"). So, when you start to wonder what Friends would be like in 2015 — because yes, that is the next course of action — you really have to wonder how they would behave on social media. I mean, obviously Phoebe is that friend who sends Facebook invites to all her acoustic sets at Central Perk, Chandler would make the most of Twitter, and Rachel... Rachel Green would own Instagram.

Because of her appreciation for aesthetics (be it for Ralph Lauren or signature layered haircuts) there's no doubt that Rachel would churn out some well-filtered pieces of social media gold. There's also no doubt that if the series was set in 2015, a still very green (aha) Rachel would probably be scrolling through the app when she should be waitressing. Whatever the context, it's fun to imagine what your favorite Friends adventure would look like on Instagram... but now you don't have to.

For your consideration, here are a few Instagram posts that you would no doubt see on Rachel's account... if she were, like, a real human.

Some Transformation Tuesdays — Posted For Bragging Rights Only

I mean, it's not that this haircut is her favorite, but Rachel tends to post transformation Tuesdays to prove three things: One, that she was hot in 1995, two, that she's still hot today and three, all that really changed between now and then is that she found a foundation that matched her skin tone.

Instagrams Cataloguing Faux-Excitement Over Seeing Old Friends

OK, so things have been weird ever since Rachel saddled up with Ross and Joey left for California. Scratch that — things have been weird ever since Rachel and Joey tried their hand at a relationship in the first place. (If we're being candid, Ross still has Rambo flashbacks about it.) So, when Chandler forgot to tell the Geller-Greens that Joey was coming to dinner tonight, boy, did he hear an earful. Chandler, could you BE any more thoughtless?

Flashbacks To Being Young, Weird, And Single

Who even took this picture? Well, whatever — anyway, since all the ladies are now successful 40-somethings, they can look back on this moment and laugh heartily. Or Monica would if she ever checked in Instagram, and Phoebe would if she was on, well, any social media platform. Last Rachel heard, she was living on a commune in Nebraska with Mike, so who knows.

Gross Celebrations Of Every Anniversary

Rachel overheard Emma's friends talking, and apparently "bae" is the cool word with kids these days. Incidentally @profrossgeller commented this immediately with, "WE WERE ON A BREAK." Whatever, dude.

...And The Anxious Countdown To Thanksgiving

Honestly, the entire Geller-Green family is psyched for it, because with Rachel as the matriarch, nobody eats unless they go over to Aunt Monica's house.

You know what, it may actually for the best that we leave Friends in the past, in that glorious age when 12 megabytes of RAM meant something.

Images: Mary Grace Garis/Bustle (5)