The 'BB17' Double Eviction Shakes Up The House

So long, dear Meg. The houseguest who lived seemed to bounce around in a fairytale world inside Big Brother; where birds braided her hair and little itty-bitty mice would apply her red lipstick every morning. Your time has come to leave the house. But in a twist that no one — except for the millions of viewers at home — saw coming, two houseguests were evicted on Thursday's live show. Both Meg and James were evicted from Big Brother 17 during the double eviction, so consider the house in shambles (or maybe it's just my heart in shambles). Where do we go from here?

Although it pains me to admit, it was pretty much settled that Meg was going home during the first eviction. Vanessa attacked James and Meg at the beginning of this week, with plans to get one of them out (even though the thought of Austin going up was entertained for, like, five minutes). James managed to save himself, with the Veto, but unfortunately, that left Meg on the block and extremely vulnerable. The houseguests — for some reason — saw Meg the bigger threat (over Julia, the replacement nominee), which eventually led to Meg From New York's eviction.

There was a point late in the week that looked like Steve might be orchestrating a huge house flip in order to save Meg. The clouds parted and everything seemed to be rainbows and butterflies, perfect for Meg, but it was all a ruse. Those fleeting thoughts of saving Meg disappeared as quickly as Meg has been eliminated from competitions this season.

It was hard to tell who would be the second evictee. The HOH competition resulted in Julia and Liz going head to head for the title. But it was Liz who walked away with the title — aka, all those who were hoping for a chance to see Austin evicted just died a little inside. Liz's nominations made a little more sense than the last double eviction; she nominated James and John, not surprising at all. The hearts breaking around our fine nation were almost audible.

Even more upsetting? Julia won Veto — congrats, girl... first comp win all game — and obviously wasn't going to disrupt her sister's nominations. So, there it stood, John and James on the block.

To add insult to injury, James was evicted right behind his friend Meg. At least they'll be together in the Big Brother sequester house, but holy hell, how are all the good people getting picked off so easily? James and Meg leaving the house back-to-back really proves that Austwins are ruling this house. They have the power, they win the power, and maybe that means one of them should win the game. I know that sounds crazy, but they're a known trio that hasn't been touched at all throughout the entire game. That has to be worth something, right?

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Image: Sonja Flemming/CBS